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The COVID-19 pandemic has made collaboration the new normal at the workplace. Why? Because companies around the world are shifting to flexible working to help contain the outbreak. With most, if not all, of their employees working remotely, enterprises are turning to collaboration software to manage workflows and interpersonal communication. This focus on digitally-led collaboration can improve efficiency and productivity – but only if you have the best tools.

Your online collaboration strategy should be built around a communications platform that is accessible from desktops, as well as other mobile devices. If other critical workflows such as deadlines, task management, and support are built into the platform in a manner that is clear, easy to understand, simple to use, and reduces misunderstanding – all the better!

Such platforms empower every employee to stay connected in the times of social distancing and effectively collaborate with the relevant stakeholder to find solutions to business challenges.  Here, we feature the best collaboration software that are helping employees to work flexibly while still seamlessly communicating and collaborating with their peers.


GoToMeeting is one of the most reputed platforms for video and audio meetings, desktop sharing, and more. It enables the user to meet with customers, clients, or colleagues using their computers, smartphones, or tablets in real-time.

Video conference platforms such as GoToMeeting are playing a major role in providing a more flexible work culture and a better life/work balance for employees. Virtual meetings have made people’s work simpler by allowing face-to-face team discussions without the daily commute or the need to share a physical space.


Companies that have a remote workforce increasingly depend on workplace chat tools like Slack to get things done. The idea is simplicity itself: if employees are sitting in front of their computers all day, it makes sense for conversations to happen there. Group chats and subjects also mean that individuals can decide to only participate in conversations that are most relevant to them.


WeConference is a secure, cost-effective, and easy-to-implement on-demand video conferencing solution and service from ECTL (Enhanced Communication and Technologies (P) Ltd.). It offers a robust set of video conferencing and collaboration features on any device, anywhere. What’s more, it comes with advanced features such as AI-led transcription, video recording, conference summaries, and more.

The solution also ensures the utmost user security and privacy by offering strong safety features such as one-time entrance codes, security PIN, conference lock, end-to-end encryption, and more. It also allows moderators to secure virtual conference rooms by using tools such as moderator-only access, one-time password and PIN, conference room lock, and user blocking.

LogMeIn Rescue

LogMeIn Rescue is optimized for customer care and large teams with complex workflows – requiring advanced features to centrally manage remote support. With Rescue’s rich feature set and banking-grade security, companies can safely deliver best-in-class customer support. It can be tailored and customized to any organization.

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