Harsh Shodhan, CEO & Co-Founder, H & J Food Concepts

Harsh is also a food and lifestyle blogger and in his free time loves blogging about his experiences as a vegetarian in a foreign country. Having catered to some of the city’s premier businesses & high net worth families, large corporates, premium fashion & jewellery stores amongst a large ever-increasing client base, Harsh now thinks, dreams and lives to create more scrumptious cuisines for his guests.


Food plays a major part in the Indian Culture and just like its culture, food choices and preferences change by the kilometre as you travel, every village every district will have its own range of food and its own specialities, the same dish may be cooked in different ways in neighbouring regions. Food in India is not only associated with culture but also with religion, class and so much more. In this huge melting pot of cuisines and culture, one this is very common – Indians love to eat. With seasons, with months, with distance food changes. 

But the largest binding force for food in recent times has been TECHNOLOGY. Food has used the bandwagon of technology so beautifully to grow its presence across the length and breadth of the country seamlessly. Now sitting in Mumbai, with a touch of a button we are able to get Amritsari Wadiyan delivered to your doorstep, Hyderabadi Haleem once a rarity now comes delivered beautifully packaged, leakproof and as fresh as possible, straight to your dining table. You may be in Kolkatta but craving Gujrati Dhokla, don’t worry one click and it will be delivered. That’s how accessible food has become thanks to Technology. 

With aggregators who will deliver from anywhere to anywhere in your city, all you need to do is open a simple app, search for the restaurant or cuisine and pronto in 45 minutes flat and it’s at your apartment! So now you may feel like eating Sikkimese Thupka and yes it’s available, you may wish to eat Ghee Roast Chicken and no worries, it is available. All thanks to technology and the vast apps available. 

Technology has changed the way India eats. If you’re travelling by Indian Rail & you have a stop at Jodhpur, you feel like eating your favourite Pyaaz Ki Kachori and Mirchiwada, worry not, order it in advance over an app and it will be waiting for you as your trains rolls into the station. Thanks to technology. 

Technology has given also reduced our cooking efforts. Thanks to various preservation techniques, you can carry your favourite restaurants Daal Makhni and eat it when you are holidaying in the Swiss Alps and are missing home food. Now with vacuum packing, students travelling abroad can carry their home favourites like khichdi and dum aloo to eat it as fresh in their dorms. Double income families where both husband-wife are busy working and have less time to cook and prep, now can call for DIY kits which come to you semi-prepared and all they have to do is open and finish off the dish. Along with the century-old slow cooking methods, India is now waking up to semi-prepared gravies, frozen meals and home-style food delivered home. And Technology has made this happen. 

With the advent of Covid-19 and its aftermath, Technology kept the food industry alive and kicking with more and more aggregators and Direct-To-Consumer food delivery apps making an appearance making more restaurants and food delivery options available to customers. Now when you walk into a restaurant, menus have become a thing of the past, all you need to do is aim your smartphone at a QR code and you will get the entire menu available to you. Some restaurants also accept the order from their digital menu and one can also complete their payment using the same digital platform. 

We have also seen the technology companies developing platforms for home chefs to market their products. Some of the Apps cater to a specific area and some cater to the city. As there are various technology options available for selling and delivering, home chefs have also been able to promote their food using modern technology. These apps have been priced at an affordable price for small home-based entrepreneurs. 

Social Media has also played a significant part for Food seller’s to display their food and also gives buyers a variety of options to choose from when they are looking to explore different food options/cuisines/restaurants etc. 

Technology has enhanced the entire culinary and food experience for more than a billion people in India, knowingly or unknowingly, it is surely here to stay. As long as the gas is on, technology in the food industry is going to be totally fired up and will keep evolving with different offerings to food suppliers and consumers.

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