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The Sattvik Council of India has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with The Art of Living to offer The Art of Living programmes at “Chelmsford Club”, New Delhi, under which the following programmes will be conducted at Sattvik Council of India; Youth empowerment & Skills Program (Yes+) for the students aged 18+ & Faculty Development Program (FDP) for teachers and staffs.

The objective of this programme is to prepare a person for a life. To an experienced educationist, it is a well-known fact that the age group of 18-30 year is extremely crucial. This is the age where many issues such as career, relationship, peer-parental pressures and anxiety about the future all come to fore simultaneously due to which their academic performance suffers. The art of living programs is specially designed to develop the knowledge aspects which the new education policy (NEP) 2020 refers as the “liberal arts” – soft skills such as communication, discussion, debate, teamwork etc.

Under the agreement, Sattvik Council of India, shall offer the YES! + & FDP program to all its students & providing all assistance to The Art of Living faculty to host the YES! +/FDP programs on campus (accommodation, venue booking, publicizing the programs, and the introductory seminars through all institute communication channels).

“It’s a pleasure to associate with The Art of Living as these types of programmes is the urgent need of the society, due to many factors such as relationship, career, financial problems, youth need these types of short courses to prepare themselves in their coming life”, said Mr Abhishek Biswas, Founder, The Sattvik Council of India.

Mr.Rajeev Nambiar, Director, Institutional Programs, The Art of Living said, “When Sattva is dominant in the environment and ourselves, we are more awake and have a clear perception and we feel light, happy, pleasant and joyful.”

He further added, “The MOU between Satvik Council of India and The Art of Living is intended to impart mind management programs to students undergoing the Sattvik Lead Auditor Program so that they can have a clear perception, observation and expression.”

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