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Brand & Beyond, formerly known as The Shutter Cast is rebranding as it is expanding into the international market. Mr. Amol Roy, Founder, Brand & Beyond has  announced the official launch of Brand & Beyond, a one stop digital marketing service provider to MSMEs and Startups.

The Shutter Cast originated from Shutter and Voyages, the name of the YouTube channel managed by the founder Mr. Amol Roy and at the time of opening the company he named it the same. But now as the company is growing with year on year growth of 100 percent also it is planning to grow into the international market. So, they are rebranding to Brand & Beyond, the motive behind this new name is to provide brands with all kinds of technology solutions that are far beyond the imagination of the client. Also they are planning to hire more than 20 people in the team.

Mr. Amol Roy, Founder, Brand & Beyond said “ We are rebranding because we want a powerful impact in the market through our name. The name Brand & Beyond itself suggests its motive and aim. We always wanted to provide all kinds of technology and digital marketing solutions to startups and MSMEs and we renamed it keeping this idea in mind. The name Brand & Beyond indicates the full motive of our company.”

Brand & Beyond a high-end digital marketing agency dedicated to delivering performance-based results through online marketing expertise and cutting-edge digital technology. It works with businesses in a variety of industries and provides unique digital marketing strategies tailored to our clients’ dynamic potential.

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