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Clean and conscious personal care brand, The Switch Fix (TSF) has joined hands with homegrown mushroom start-up, Shroomery to launch Magic Shrooms, an exclusive range of hair care products that include hair mask bar, shampoo bar, conditioner bar, scalp serum, featuring key ingredient – mushrooms. The collaboration stems from TSF’s commitment to minimize carbon footprint by sourcing locally grown ingredients alongside promoting other organizations committed to sustainability.

Mushrooms are widely popular as an ingredient in skincare due to their ability to repair the skin barrier. However, the co-creation of the Magic Shrooms range reintroduces mushrooms in a new avatar – as a nurturer for a healthy scalp.

Environmental stresses such as climate change and extreme weather cause the scalp barrier to weaken, leading to a damaged scalp unable to retain moisture – further exacerbating ageing of the scalp, dry and brittle hair, hair fall and overall loss of shine. Yet, the haircare conversation is narrowly focused only on the indicators of healthy hair rather than the solid link between hair and scalp health. With this remarkable collaboration, the TSF and Shroomery aim to provide a fix through their new product range and broaden the horizon of haircare regimen by ushering scalp health into the haircare conversation.

Featuring Shroomery’s King Trumpet Mushrooms, the bundle of products is crafted to strengthen the scalp barrier, combat oxidative stress, and soothe sensitive scalps, especially during extreme and erratic weather. The range has been curated using mushrooms specifically for their anti-hyaluronidase properties – which prevent hyaluronidase from attacking hydrating and vitality-boosting chemicals on our scalps, such as collagen and hyaluronic acid.

Commenting on the launch, a spokesperson for The Switch Fix said, “To us, mushrooms are magical. More so, when sourced locally from Shroomery. Many of us can feel our scalp health becoming worse and worse due to extreme weather conditions. Most of us are experiencing dry scalps to the point where they feel dehydrated. This happens because environmental stressors are weakening our scalp barrier. We’ve formulated Magic Shrooms, with mushrooms’ magical properties, to rehydrate a dehydrated scalp and also be kind to our changing planet.”

Spokesperson for Shroomery added, “While the benefits of fungi extend far beyond the kitchen, they’re still only known as a culinary delicacy in India. Mushrooms have been used in skin care and supplements for thousands of years across the globe, and we’re glad to be able to shed some light on their magic through our partnership with Switchfix. With a primary focus on sustainable hair and scalp care, we’re very excited for everyone to try the Magic Shrooms and hopefully enjoy it as much as we enjoyed working on it.”

The limited-edition Magic Shrooms range is the perfect solution for those looking to break away from a dehydrated scalp and dry, brittle hair. The bundle includes:

Hair Mask Bar: It is formulated with Mushroom, Baobab and Hyaluronic Acid. Not only does it reduce hyaluronidase activity, but it also introduces additional hyaluronic acid to increase moisture retention ability of the scalp. Meanwhile, baobab protein provides strength and protection from UV damage.

Shampoo Bar: It is crafted with mushroom and baobab along with really mild coconut-based cleansing agents to help clean the scalp gently while also reducing the hyaluronidase activity.

Conditioner Bar: Specifically to re-moisturize hair ends.

Scalp Serum: Reintroduces moisture onto the scalp when feeling too dry.

Together, the two homegrown companies not only seek to provide a sustainable solution through this disruptive new line of products but also empower consumers to identify and understand their scalp type, how environmental issues may affect the scalp unfavourably as well as bolster the connection between healthy hair and a healthy scalp.

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