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In a first-of-its-kind move, Razorpay, the country’s leading full-stack financial solutions company, has collaborated with India’s first 100% clean label food brand, The Whole Truth Foods (TWT), for its latest RazorpayX Payroll campaign. This campaign will see TWT’s Founder and CEO, Shashank Mehta feature in one of its ads, making it the first time a start-up founder (who has been the face of his own brand) has featured in an ad of another brand.

The objective of this 60 second RazorpayX Payroll ad is to build awareness about the ease and benefits of automating payroll management. Managing Payroll Compliance is one of the top 3 significant issues faced by business owners. This campaign is an effort to make entrepreneurs aware that while starting up in itself is hard, their payroll and compliance shouldn’t be. RazorpayX has collaborated with 6 prominent Startup Founders, possibly making it India’s first-ever payroll marketing campaign, designed for Founders and by Founders, narrating real-life challenges they face at the end of every month around managing payroll compliance! All the founders shot the ads purely on goodwill, and strong trust in RazorpayX’s mission, that is – simplifying banking for businesses.

The Second Phase of the campaign will be live across 11 cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Pune, Lucknow, Chandigarh and Jaipur in Print and will feature Startup Founders including Shashank Mehta – Founder & CEO of The Whole Truth Foods, Ankur Warikoo – Founder Nearbuy.com, Ragini Das – Co-Founder Leap.Club, Awais Ahmed – Founder & CEO of Pixxel, Sanskriti Dawle – Co-Founder and CEO, Thinkerbell Labs, and Siddharth Maheshwari – Founder, Newton School.

Shashank is already well-known as the face of TWT’s content engine that churns out deep content on food, fitness and nutrition, broken down into an easily digestible format. Meanwhile, RazorpayX Payroll’s digital ad with Shashank is a play on his surname.

Gaurav Ramdev, Head of Marketing – RazorpayX said, “At RazorpayX, our research and conversations with prospective founders & existing customers has given us a truly unique insight. ‘Starting up is difficult and courageous but payroll shouldn’t be’. This insight has been brought to life through this film & we have strived to keep it real and relatable. We want founders to focus on their business growth, building new ideas, thinking scale and leave challenges around managing payroll to us – this is the key message we desire to amplify far and wide into the start-up and entrepreneurial ecosystem. We wanted to showcase the real conquerors of payroll management who have used our product first-hand and are our true brand evangelists. And so, a big shout out to all the 6 founders who featured in this campaign and our Creative Partners – Talented – led by PG Aditya for bringing this to life in such a unique, light-hearted & fascinating manner.”

He added, “We strongly believe that this campaign will strike a chord with thousands of founders who are undergoing similar challenges everyday while scaling their business and are looking for an intelligent, effective solution.”

Shashank Mehta, Founder & CEO – The Whole Truth Foods said, “I started The Whole Truth Foods in response to the caveat emptor style of marketing where one could get away with the minimum amount of truth that was legally defensible. I wanted to tell people, well, the whole truth, and let them decide for themselves.

So, it just felt like another moment of sharing the whole truth with the world when Razorpay reached out to me with an idea to share my genuine appreciation for their product. We have been customers almost right from the beginning and I have unlocked so much time that I have productively spent in building what I love because of RazorpayX Payroll. They have an amazing product, and a great team and it has been a pleasure working with them, both as a customer and an endorser.”

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