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As 1 in 7 people in India suffer from migraine issues, TheLifekart.in, India’s popular e-commerce platform offering nutrition, healthcare, and self-care solutions, has introduced a Migraine Relief Kit that treats the condition from its roots. The relief kit will provide three way actions – the antibacterial path, the anti-adhesive path and the restoration path – to the excruciating headache.

Migraine is the third most common disease in the world (behind dental caries and tension-type headache) with an estimated global prevalence of 14.7 percent. The 3-way action of TheLifekart.in Relief Kit helps in killing the bacteria, thereby causing 100 percent root cause elimination and promoting good bacteria in the body which helps in maintaining the body’s aura and balance.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr George P Joby, Director, TheLifekart.in said, “TheLifekart.in has always been focused towards providing natural solutions to ailments and non-curable diseases such as migraine. However, we believe the science in amalgamation with nature has solutions to all human ailments, and hence, we have launched our Relief Kit which will be a boon to humankind and will help us all in acknowledging what natural medicines can do to us. Additionally, our focus will remain towards producing more such products that will help in the removal of harmful medications from the market.”
The Migraine-eliminator understands the root causes and has formulated a structured and unique combination that can restore the lost health. It is not a mere symptom eliminator of migraine, which is primarily of two kinds – Migraine with Aura and Migraine Without Aura.

“Migraine without Aura is not genetical and is directly the result of environmental and diet factors. Out of all migraine patients, 75% of migraine are type 2 migraine (i.e migraine without Aura). Helicobacter pylori commonly known as H-Pylori bacteria is found to be one of the active reasons of Migraine, ulcers and other gastric issues. Unhealthy diet practices and excess consumption of antibiotics has caused a soaring population of H-Pylori bacteria in human body (inside human-gut) suppressing the good and vital bacterial population causing imbalance of intestinal fauna. H pylori infection triggers gastro issues including ulcers as well as migraine (an inflammation of H-pylori infection),” added Mr Joby.
Loaded with natural ingredients including ginger, cumin, peppermint, licorice, pipperine among others, the Migraine-relief kit is exclusively available on TheLifekart.in for Rs 1,200.

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