Lalitha M Shetty, Associate Vice President - Human Resources, Omega Healthcare Management Services

Lalitha has over 20 years of experience in the field of Human Resource Management and Social Work and has been instrumental for strategic Organizational Development initiatives in her various roles. She has done her Masters in Social Work and PG Diploma in Personnel Management & Industrial Relations. Lalitha started her career as early as 1996 as a Social Worker before moving into the HR industry. At Omega, she is responsible for the entire gamut of Talent Management function across locations. Her primary responsibilities also include giving directions to the managers of all the HR functions and ensuring that all sub-functional goals are aligned with HR & Corporate goals.


Over the decades, gender diversity and inclusiveness at the workplace have become a global priority. Although women’s representation has significantly increased in the corporate arena, and most companies have been making a concerted effort to embrace gender diversity and inclusion in recent years, there is still much to be done. According to research reports of 2021, women held only 10% of management roles in India of which only 5% was at the CEO level. Women are marginalized when it comes to leadership and related success.

For ages, the business ecosystem has been male-dominated, and women underrepresented. Such underrepresentation has undoubtedly kept them away from realizing their worth and potential. It is necessary to empower women through leadership roles in organizations and encourage them to contribute significantly to the success of the business.

Women have been trying to break societal stereotypes and succeed in their life. They continue to confront a plethora of challenges on the work front. These not only hinder their careers but impact their self-esteem too. Hence, it is of chief importance to address these issues. It will assist women in unleashing their true potential while also helping create a workplace that values diversity and inclusion.

Recent initiatives in the workplace to promote gender diversity have resulted in a greater push for women-focused leadership. This illustrates that investing in and supporting women’s careers pays off in the long run for both women and organizations. When women rise to positions of leadership, they bring in a different set of skills, experiences, and perspectives Such skills help organizations to increase their awareness and brainstorm effective solutions.

Women have come a long way when it comes to developing their careers. However, there’s more work to be done. Here’s how women can break the glass ceiling and unleash their true potential:

  1. Aim high: Women should be encouraged and guided to aim higher and accomplish bigger things. They should keep faith when the road ahead of them seems tough, recognize their strength and remember how far they have come. Women should be given ample opportunities in workplaces to succeed in their careers. This is where empowerment begins.
  2. Attend networking events: Networking events are a great way to build connections and relationships. Such events help them to meet other women. It also makes them feel appreciated in the company of other women. Networking events will help foster both professional growth and personal growth.
  3. Volunteer for critical projects: Volunteering for an important project makes women step out of their comfort zone. It instills in women the ability to take risks and assume responsibilities. Such projects may be the ideal tools for their advancement in the workplace.
  4. Personal Branding: Personal branding is another essential requirement for positive career growth, propelled by the growth of social media. Working women should sustain and build their professional development. This will help them scale their career steadily and eventually reach leadership roles steadily. Women who create a personal brand for themselves are more likely to be offered more fulfilling job prospects.
  5. Have successful women role models: Young girls and women need to look up to other successful women as their role models. It will help them shape their mind and attitude positively. We must encourage women to celebrate successful women and learn from them.
  6. Encourage other women: Women need to encourage and support other women. It not only helps women to understand their self-worth, but it also helps them feel valued and appreciated. Women are our greatest cheerleaders, and we are guaranteed to achieve more in our life with the collective support and appreciation of other women.
  7. Invest in continuous learning and upskilling: Women should also make sure that they learn a new set of skills every day, which would make them industry-ready. Skill development is the need of the hour. Women should constantly upskill themselves to be aligned with the demands of their industry and not become redundant.

Today, we see women beginning to make headlines and occupy powerful positions in almost every economic sector. Globally, women are revolutionizing the business world with their confidence and determination, displaying their astute capabilities to manage and helm organizations. 2 years into the Covid-19 pandemic, it is incredible to see women navigating all odds and making a mark for themselves in the corporate arena, despite the added stress and exhaustion unleashed by this pandemic.

Glass Escalator, Concrete Ceiling, Bamboo Ceiling, Maternal Wall, Pink-Collar – the phenomenon of glass ceiling known by so many names across the globe, has been in existence for decades. Women need to be confident among themselves. True unleashing of the potential is possible only when women work on themselves and support other women. Organizations need to enforce more conscious steps to dismantle the various elements that support the glass ceiling while supporting women to scale their careers.

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