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Gamified training in business is all about creating an environment where people learn through no one fails approach and a healthy competitive mindset. Gamified learning can be applied to almost every business function, be it sales and marketing, product designing, business strategy, inventory management, security, education or something else. When business leaders are looking for some engaging way of upscaling their workforce, gamification can fast track the journey and keep employees engaged. There are many companies today who wish to integrate gaming mechanics and game-based learning into everyday applications, fundamentally changing the way work is done.

Below are the top five game-based learning providers that are changing the field of corporate training:


A leading AI-based digital learning solutions provider has developed a unique approach to game-based learning which helps businesses to impart productivity through its engaging approach. Using the concept and approach created, the company has helped more than 100 corporates to enhance their problem-solving thinking and on job productivity. Stratbeans is able to develop the complete courses or even short games that can be blended with your existing e-learning content. This custom solution of game-based learning creation balances the course subject matter along with the gameplay so that users can retain the knowledge and apply the learnt matter into the real world.


PlayGen shows how game-based learning has the potential to deliver sophisticated business, science and behavioural education to hundreds of thousands of users simultaneously. PlayGen has developed smart ways to make behaviour change science accessible for folks who don’t live in the research world.


The Gamelearn platform is specialized in game-based learning. The platform lets students access a large catalogue of video-game courses to learn and develop their skills. Gamelearn is the world-leading readymade game-based training e-learning portal. The Serious Games are focused on soft skills improvement through Serious Games.


Wrainbo’s vision is to make learning engaging for the global community. To realize the vision, the company has built a scalable learning and assessment platform that combines immersive mobile gameplay, practical job skill learning framework, and data-driven assessment. Gameplay involves using various tools to solve problems, and adapting strategy based on the simulation results. Through hands-on practice, players not only will be more engaged but also would retain knowledge better.

Indusgeeks Solutions

For the past 10 years, Indusgeeks has worked with corporations, governments and academic institutions around the world to transform learning content into fun, immersive gamification and sales training gamification solutions that engage with learners and captivate their attention. Using Indusgeeks content transformation platform, INIT, the company is able to create customized gamification solutions for a number of corporate training processes such as: Leadership development, sales training, onboarding, safety and compliance, and policy awareness.


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