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Visiting the local market to buy meat is quite a messy task. You might not like the procedure, or you might have an issue with the hygiene.  Chances are that the meat could be not fresh,  and kept in cold-storages for days. Also, a lot of the meat lovers who like their meat juicy, fresh and hygienic do not prefer the packed frozen meat with the added preservatives! To ease their cravings, here is a list of 5 start-ups which are delivering meat to your home and promising quality, freshness and hygiene!


Founded by Abhay Hanjura and Vivek Gupta, Licious  is a consumer food company, focused on delighting the world with an unmatched range of meat & meat products. Present in raw & fresh meat and seafood, marinades and ready-to-eat categories, Licious is set to disrupt every food category that needs a meaty intervention!  Built on the farm to fork business model, Licious owns the entire back-end supply chain powered by stringent cold chain control to maintain the quality and freshness of each product from the time of procurement, processing, storage to the time it reaches the end consumer. 


Gurugram-based Zappfresh was founded by ex-MobiKwik employees, Deepanshu Manchanda and Shruti Gocchwal. Aiming to make meat-eating a pleasant experience, the company procures its meat and fish from local farms, slaughters them in hygienic plants and customises the pieces as according to demands, before delivering them to the customer’s door at the earliest. Founded in early 2015, Zappfresh delivers chicken, mutton, seafood, cold cuts and ready-to-eat kebabs and sausages.

Mommy’s Chicken

Founded in Bhopal, Mommys Chicken contributes a portion in the poultry industry where it understands the standards set by the sector, adheres to measures such as no loss to farmers, no misguiding to its customers, timely vaccination, temperature control, rearing birds in biosecurity environment and many more. A poultry processing web-based online start-up running in Bhopal from the last 3.5 years with over 6000+ customers in tier two city, catering to retail and 20 B2B clients which includes elite hotels and corporates of Bhopal. Bringing the safest and most premium quality chicken on table, Mommys Chicken pioneers in Bhopal, introducing the concept of pre-processing and ready to prepare marinated chicken range, providing customers hassle-free experience of buying chicken.


Hyderabad-based HIBACHI was founded by Shekar Varma and Rajesh Tammisetti in 2018. The startup delivers to 11 locations as of now. Most of their revenue is generated from online retail. Hibachi also takes orders on call and over WhatsApp.  Hibachi also plans to expand their delivery locations to provide you quality yet tasty meat on your fingertips


Bengaluru-based FreshtoHome was launched in 2015 by Shan Kadavil. The startup delivers fresh, chemical-free seafood and meat in Bengaluru, Delhi-NCR, Chennai, Trivandrum, Cochin and Trisshur. The platform has a range of products including fish, poultry, mutton, steaks and fillet. FreshtoHome owns the supply chain end-to-end, and goes directly to the source. It has created a WhatsApp-like interface through which it auctions orders to fishermen everyday. Fishermen with the lowest bid gets the order.

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