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The e-commerce market is growing rapidly and is further estimated to reach $200 billion by 2026. The on-going pandemic also acted as a catalyst in the sector’s growth. The pandemic also urged sellers and buyers across categories to opt for online services and expand to newer markets with changing demand patterns.

With the rise of the e-commerce industry, another sector that has been put in the spotlight is the logistics sector. The e-commerce logistics industry of India is expected to rise to Rs 492.8 billion by 2025 owing to a variety of reasons including increased demand, strong internet infrastructure, rise in per capita income, acceptance of online payments, etc.

The growth of the industry is leading to the adoption of flexible and agile logistics solutions. With this, the demand for faster deliveries is also increasing exponentially. This is where technology comes to the forefront. Amidst this, major players are innovating their offerings to come up with better solutions. From automating supply chains to providing seamless end-to-end support, to managing return processes, logistics firms are determined to stay ahead of the curve and make the most of this e-commerce boost.

Here is a list of Top 5 logistics firms that are leveraging technology to offer a seamless experience to the customers.


Incepted in 2021, Hanchens is India’s ONLY Tech and AI-driven Hyper-Local Express/ Same day and Safe Logistics platform exclusively for B2B2C and D2C players. It delivers anything and everything in the express or same day delivery option.

The firm efficiently plans, enables single-pick multi-drop, expands reach, opens serviceability in red zones, provides 2-3-4-wheeler delivery modes, secures COD’s, enables technology to route, prioritize and track, and most importantly opens multiple cities and states for B2B players to grow and expand their businesses.


Founded in 2015, Shadowfax is one of India’s leading logistics brand. The startup services more than 500 cities, covering 7,000 plus pincodes, and more than 150,000 delivery network partners. The company aims to build the fastest and most reliable logistics network by empowering a million micro entrepreneurs through technology to deliver anything, anywhere in the shortest span of time.


Errando is a delivery company that enables customers to order biryani from a restaurant, a mop from a supermarket, bread from a bakery, and a straw mat from the palayam market, all at the same time, through a single app. The story of Errando starts way back in 2016, when a bunch of entrepreneurs set up Kerala’s first hyperlocal food delivery app called ‘Food on Touch’. By the end of 2017, Food on Touch metamorphosed into Errando, the state’s first full-service hyperlocal delivery company.


Shiprocket is India’s first automated shipping software that aims to reduce ecommerce shipping to its bare bones. The company has tied up with multiple courier companies to provide a single platform where e-tailers can manage multi-channel orders and ship multi-channel orders easily. Since its inception in 2012, they have acquired 20,000 happy clients with 35,000 daily shipments. Innovative, easy and reliable, Shiprocket has taken a step forward in simplifying ecommerce for Indian merchants and saving their precious time and money.


Established in 2015, GoBOLT is a new age logistics player focussed on transforming the Indian logistics industry into an express supply chain, enabled through the use of innovative technology solutions. GoBOLT provides line haul express solutions to thee-commerce and non e-commerce industry. Driven by its capital-efficient asset-hybrid business model, strong execution capability, proprietary tech-stack enabling operational excellence and ability to cater to diversified business segments, GoBOLT is one of the few tech-enabled logistics players to achieve rapid growth coupled with profitability early in its journey.

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