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Coronavirus pandemic has opened up avenues for Indian brands who have found a new footing in retail and kirana stores in the wake of rising demand for FMCG products. With a demand-supply gap arising in the lockdown situation, brands have started to plug the gap and especially in the sanitisation segment, regional players and smaller brands have entered the market noticing a sudden spike in demand for sanitation including masks or spray disinfection machines.

Following are a few brands to check out for sanitation products:

Chilli International

In our day to day activities, few items such as doorknobs, switches and remote controls are some of the things that everyone ends up touching multiple times in a day, even amid the health scare we are currently witnessing. Keeping that in mind, Hong Kong-based Chilli International has launched for the first time in India, Killer 100 Blue Ray disinfection machine. A lightweight, multipurpose machine, Killer 100 is ideal for home, workplace, mall, car, or personal use for unparalleled disinfection. Within 3 days of launch, Chilli International’s Killer 100 has seen an increase of 10-12% in queries since the past 3 days across Facebook and its e-commerce websites.


With no domestic helps available for help during this lockdown, Milagrow HumanTech has witnessed 15-20% surge for various categories of its cleaning robots since the past one month, the demand majorly coming majorly from millennials who are living away from their families and would like to help their parents for various tasks- which includes floor cleaning robots, window cleaning robots, lawn cleaning robots, etc.

Milagrow has deployed imap9, a floor disinfecting robot that can navigate and sanitize the floors without any human intervention at various hospitals such as AIIMS, Fortis, Moolchand. The robot moves around autonomously without falling, avoiding obstruction while planning its own path, guided by LIDAR and advanced SLAM technology.


Biosup, a pioneer in the area of pharmaceutical and surgical products has launched Biosup BioHand Sanitizer is a gel-based formula used to decrease infectious agents on the hands. Made from formulations of alcohol-based versions, it is preferable to use than washing hands with soap and water. Suitable for both adults and children, this sanitizer has the ability to kill 99.99% germs leaving hands soft and clean. Biosup BioHand Sanitizer is available in different quantity variants including 50 ML, 100 ML, 500 ML & 5 Litres, which are priced between INR 25 to 2500. Biosup also produces top-quality personal protective equipment, personal care products, and monitoring equipment.

Vistaprint India

A global e-commerce platform for customised printing services for individuals and small business owners recently unveiled printed face masks to complement its awareness drive in a bid to educate the public on Covid-19. These masks are economical and sustainable to use as it is washable and reusable. Through this, the brand bolsters its commitment to community protection and the creation of fun and exciting gear for India. Within a few days of launch, the brand noticed a spike in demand for masks.

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