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Totality Corp, a startup for Playable NFT’s Gaming Universe, has partnered with Vauld, a crypto-currency exchange backed by PayPal Cofounder Peter Thiel’s Valar Ventures that aims to provide core banking elements to all crypto users. The cryptocurrency exchange has novel features such as AIP, which will provide backend infrastructure for Totality Corp’s NFT projects.

Vauld brings a slew of features and products that allow users to experience the core elements of banking for every cryptocurrency user, ensuring a much higher value to them. Earlier, Vauld has enabled totality to gift crypto currencies as diwali gifts to all its members. Therefore, this collaboration will be strengthened with the upcoming launch of Totality Corp’s Lakshmi NFT under the brand ZoinVerse, which will allow people to buy NFT shared through Vauld.

Speaking of the association, Anshul Rustaggi, Founder, Totality Corp, said, “Vauld has been my go-to platform for investing in crypto and financial products for a time now, and their execution and client service are second to none. With Totality’s expertise in NFT’s, content and gaming along with Vauld’s expertise in payments, crypto, trading wallets layers will result in ZoinVerse becoming the MetaVerse of choice.”

Mr. Darshan Bathija, Co-founder & CEO, Vauld added, “We’re excited about bringing our expertise in payments and crypto wallets to this partnership. Metaverse is a concept that excites me too, and we are happy to support the Totality Team, which is doing some fantastic work in bringing a new phase of 3D internet to the world!”

Totality Corp’s mission is to encourage everyone in the digital environment to have fun while making money. Totality believes that a well-balanced blend is the future of Web3 gaming, and is working on ZionVerse, an Indian mythology-inspired Metaverse platform with monetary and gaming components. In December 2021, Totality plans to sell ZionVerse’s first Playable NFTs.

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