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Trackier, the country’s leading ad-tech solutions provider has been engaged by Affnet Media, a performance marketing company operating an affiliate marketing network and grappling with a range of campaign management-related complications. With its proprietary and state-of-the-art technology-based campaign tracking tools and systems, Trackier has in a very short period resolved all the concerns of Affnet Media.

Before this tie-up, for Affnet Media, while high costs and laxity in customer support were principal concerns, they also faced issues related to integration with affiliate and client platforms as well as tracking accuracy troubles. However, with Trackier’s platform-agnostic tracking systems which work with pinpointed accuracy, the performance marketing company not only launched its campaigns on time but also succeeded in accurately tracking the whole campaign flow thereby carrying out measurement and attribution vis-à-vis affiliates and clients with supreme ease and effortlessness.

“Before we approached Trackier, our whole campaign management process was riddled with perpetual integration as well as inaccurate or inefficient tracking issues, which was not a happy space either for us, or our clients, or affiliate partners. Of course, excessively high cost and poor customer support had been our biggest bugbears. Against this backdrop, Trackier’s reputation for the latest technology-based tracking systems with top-class post-implementation customer support at extremely competitive rates preceded them. And it is no surprise that on all accounts, Trackier has proved itself worth the reputation it has in the industry”, said Mr.Sanjeev Kumar Co-Founder at Affnet Media

“Due to the agnostic and highly compatible nature of Trackier’s platform and systems, we could seamlessly integrate our campaigns with the required client and affiliate partner platforms, and that too in virtually no time. In fact, Trackier’s postbacks and pixels have been very easy to integrate with any advertising platform for live tracking. The tracking system has been immensely helpful for us in terms of analyzing data most accurately thereby enabling measurement and attribution with perfect precision resulting in high RoI for Affnet while leaving a legion of satisfied brands and affiliates in the end. The campaigns now going live on time has been a solid boost to our sales and revenue numbers. And all this happened at a fraction of the cost that we were incurring earlier. The fact that Trackier’s experienced and hard-working team of customer support has always been available for us after implementation gives us a sense of security like none other could provide”, further said Mr.Sanjeev Kumar Co-Founder at Affnet Media

“We have been delighted to have been of help to Affnet Media. Coming with an experience of implementing more than a hundred ad integrations, we were quickly able to identify their pain points involving integration, tracking, costs, and customer support. As such, getting into immediate action mode, our team deployed our advanced technology-based systems working on several fronts at the same time. The idea was to sort out their integration as well as tracking woes in the most cost-efficient manner, as was the need of our partner. At the same time, we have also deployed a ready-at-hand team of experts to help them navigate through the post-implementation processes without any hitches and hassles. We hope that drawing on the successful experience on this project, both Trackier and Affnet Media will forge a longstanding partnership with each other keeping in mind the continued mutuality and shared business interests”, said Mr. Faizan Ayubi, CEO and Co-founder, Trackier.

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