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Tread.fit, India’s premier fitness bike brand has rebranded itself as Cultbike.fit. The firm’s rebranding is a result of its acquisition by the fitness company Cult.Fit. Cultbike.fit has taken this step to cement the completion of its transformation into one of the finest fitness convenience brands in the country.

Speaking on this major brand transition, Dinesh Godara, CEO, Cultbike.fit said, “As acquired by Cult.fit, we want to create a uniformity aligned with the mother brand and it is reflected through the new brand name and logo. Cultbike.fit is your pursuit of fitness at the convenience of your home. The objective behind rebranding is that we want to identify ourselves as a part of Cult.fit and further our credibility amongst users. Since last year, we have established ourselves as a premier fitness bikes brand and with the current acquisition, we have become a pool of one of the most diverse and trusted fitness companies in the country. The aim is to continue to bring fitness to every household and fulfill our vision of a healthier India.”

The home fitness equipment brand, Cultbike.fit is focused on providing high-end fitness bikes in different regions of the country. With free delivery and installation services, the brand offers complete guidance and assistance to its customers to commence their fitness journey. It also offers a 1-year warranty and 10-day free trials to ease the decision-making for fitness enthusiasts. The aim is to promote fitness and healthy habits amongst the masses.

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