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Holi is amongst one of India’s favourite festivals. From throwing colours, eating delicacies, and enjoying bhaang, people love to celebrate this festival in various ways with their loved ones. This year while we may not be able to celebrate Holi like before, we can still celebrate all those colourful people in our lives that helped us get through the last year.

The platforms #ColoursOfTrell campaign aims at celebrating Indians from different walks of life who are constantly trying to keep users entertained and informed with their fun and quirky videos. The four-day long campaign will feature videos and tips from leading creators like Macedon, Iyengar and Sons, Sanchit Batra, Anusha Swamy, Vaibhav Keswani, Nandu Ramisetty, and Rohil Jethmalani

Creators will share their creation in the form of videos and tips to urge people to celebrate Holi while having a safe and enjoyable experience amidst the pandemic. Renowned creators on Trell will share, makeup tutorials for the perfect look for that Holi group video chat, suggestions on how you can style your classic white Kurta on Holi, tips on how you can make organic colours so that you don’t have to worry about your skin being damaged while wishing the family with colours, busting myths about bhang, reviewing Delhi’s famous gujiya – the go to holi dessert and a sketch video on how you can have a safe holi this year!

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