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TresVista, a leading global enterprise, announces its plan to double its office space in Mumbai, Pune and Bengaluru, to accommodate a further 2,000 to its headcount in the next two years. The firm has experienced exponential growth in FY 21-22 and the step comes with the company announcing new hires of more than 1,000 employees across key verticals this year itself.

With plans to expand the team, TresVista will increase capacity across all its delivery centres. “Coming together and collaborating to create and establish community is key to our culture and plays a significant role in our organization. With the return to normal, albeit with a hybrid working model, doubling office space and investing in our infrastructure for engagement is the logical next step ” said Sudeep Mishra – Co-Founder & Managing Director, TresVista.

The Pune office is currently spread across 45,000 sq. feet, and the Bengaluru office covers 30,000 sq. feet. The brand will increase the space while incorporating dedicated training rooms for upskilling. The Pune office will expand further to almost 100,000 sq. feet, and Bengaluru office will cover 60,000 sq. feet post expansion. The new offices look to tap into evolving business demands, with large training rooms, open pantry spaces, and varied breakout spaces.

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