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TriVayu Media Works, India’s fastest growing hyperlocal content and resource distribution ecosystem, announced that it has successfully aided 50+ clients to increase their engagement by 500 Million views. TriVayu Media Works is a one-of-a-kind hyper-local content distribution company with a presence in over 200 districts, 1000 villages, and 20+ states across the country.

90% of TriVayu Media Works’s clients seek multilingual content as vernacularization of digital content has been observed to have a significant impact on keeping the brands connected with the audience. As per TriVayu Media Works, the top three regional languages that have potentially increased client traffic and helped brands to gain potential customers are Tamil, Marathi, and Bangla, which are more popular in demand with its client base.

“At TriVayu Media Works, we are pleased to assist our clients in expanding their reach and helping them build trust with their customers. As content delivery is no longer limited to the English language, we intend to empower our clients in consonance with the current market trends. Our clients have been able to go above and beyond in delivering marketing messages to their target audiences by seeking content in multiple regional languages. Multilingual content has also become critical for connecting the brand to customers since it effectively communicates what the company stands for and the value systems it shares with customers,” said Ratnendra K Pandey, Co-Founder of TriVayu Media Works.

In addition to English, TriVayu Media Works offers content in 15+ languages to help brands reach a wider audience in tier 3 and tier 4 cities where branding and its associated concepts are challenging to develop. The company also intends to expand their portfolio in Indian languages by introducing content in Assamese and Nepali, as well as in few international languages such as French and Bahasa Indonesia.

TriVayu Media Works also trains and employs youth in content learning, and the process is completely free until a candidate begins earning money. Candidates are hired based on their performance and work from TriVayu Media Works’s micro-offices, which the company claims no other company offers. By collaborating closely with trained resources from Tier 3 and Tier 4 cities, TriVayu Media Works is able to save its clients up to 30% on project costs.

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