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Ugam, a leading analytics and technology services company and part of Merkle, has been recognized among ‘Top 10 Best Companies in India to join as a Data Scientist in 2022’. The recognition was announced by Analytics Insight, a prominent publication focused on Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and Analytics.

Data science is emerging as an important asset for organizations across sectors, especially because of the digitalization surge. Due to this surge, Ugam is experiencing accelerated growth and hired almost 900 data scientists, big data engineers, and AI experts in 2021.

Sunil Mirani, Co-founder & CEO of Ugam. “We are delighted to be recognized among the ‘Top 10 Best Companies in India to Join as Data Scientists in 2022’ by Analytics Insight. At Ugam, we are committed to investing in aspiring analysts, data scientists, and programmers to ensure they gain experience in solving real-life business problems, adopting best practices, and working with cutting-edge tools and technologies. We’ve had Ugamites who’ve won the ‘40 under 40’ Data Scientist award, which showcases our work environment, unique culture, and multi-disciplinary teams that encourage all-round development of an individual.”

In 2021, Ugam was recognized as one of the leaders among ‘top data science providers in India for 2021’. As per the study conducted by Analytics India Magazine, Ugam is a company that offers professionals global opportunities to work with large corporations, while collaborating and learning from experienced professionals. Last year, Ugam was also certified as a Great Place to Work®.

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