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uTrade Solutions, an India based FinTech company, announced completion of 10 years in service. uTrade is used by over 100 financial institutions, including stock brokers, banks, securities arms, hedge fund managers, HFT firms, and institutional investors across over 15 countries today.

The story of uTrade’s growth is an inspiration for many aspiring startup founders – because in a world where more than 95% of the startups fail within 3 years of operations , uTrade began as bootstrapped startup with very little external funding, turned profitable in its 4th year of operations, and successfully grew into a multi-million dollar business soon thereafter.

uTrade was founded by leading investment bankers, Kunal Nandwani (ex- Lehman Brothers, Nomura) and Mayank Mathur (ex-Morgan Stanley), along with Ashish Grover and Harwinder Sidhu. Together, they set on a mission of contributing to a better future for global financial marketplaces and their participants, using disruptive technology products.

Today uTrade provides enterprise software for financial trading, including multi-asset trading platform, algorithms, risk management solutions, direct market access, exchange solutions and market data broadcast solutions to financial institutions and their end-clients. uTrade provides access to over 100+ stock exchanges, OTCs, Private Liquidity Pools, Proprietary Gateways and Dark Pools along with globally compliant quantitative and qualitative Risk Management.

“We now also serve Buy Side clients in the Capital Markets, and have top tier clients using our professional EMS solution in Singapore, New York and London” added Ashish Grover, cofounder & CTO at uTrade Solutions.

uTrade has grown internationally, with 100+ enterprise clients including banks, stock exchanges, stock brokers, asset managers, institutional traders, hedge funds and professional trading firms across 15 countries in the world, including India, UK, US, Singapore, Dubai, Turkey and more.

“The bigger you are, the bigger is your responsibility”,is the mantra for uTrade’s leadership team. To give back to society, uTrade has partnered with global nonprofit Earthr.org and contributes in projects that try to make the world a more sustainable place for generations to come.

“Along with Angel Investments, we also try to help aspiring startups with entrepreneurial mentorship”, added Kunal.

uTrade started with the idea of making the financial world a more safer and accessible place for all, and has come all the way in delivering disruptive products that allow hundreds of thousands of users to access the financial markets anytime, anywhere.

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