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VAHDAM® India, a digitally native Indian wellness brand which has taken India’s finest teas, spices & superfoods to global markets, has created and gifted a personalized NFT to the newly appointed Twitter CEO, Parag Agrawal.

As soon as the magnificent news of the Twitter takeover by Parag Agrawal flooded in, VAHDAM® India took it a tad bit personally and took to creating an NFT that pays tribute to the newest appointed Indian Origin CEO.

“This is a proud moment for all of us here in India. As a CEO of a homegrown Indian brand, Parag’s achievement feels not only thrilling but personal. The realization of Twitter being led by an Indian is simply surreal. We wanted to gift him something special to capture this landmark moment” says Bala Sarda, Founder & CEO, VAHDAM® India

The NFT has been listed on the marketplace platform, OpenSea and features Parag sipping tea in his office soaking in the momentous day in his life that is now being celebrated by Indians across the globe. As witty as it can get, they now are garnering his attention asking him to change his Twitter DP.

This is VAHDAM India’s second NFT. Earlier this year, the brand launched its very first NFT, ‘VAHDAM® India’s Ticket to Mars’ which was an exclusive virtual token to take one on a one-of-its-kind intergalactic expedition, while one sips their favourite brews amidst magnificent views. The NFT also featured Elon Musk, sipping VAHDAM Teas.

An NFT is a type of cryptography token that essentially acts as a digital deed of ownership. It can only have one owner at any given time, and cannot be copied or modified. While fungible digital assets, such as bitcoin, can be traded and exchanged as currency, non-fungible assets act more like collectibles, which can increase in value over time — much like physical artworks, for example.

VAHDAM® India recently raised 174 crores in its Series D round. Following this round of investment, the total funding raised by the company till date is over 290 crores.

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