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Value 360 Communications, India’s leading PR & Comms-Tech conglomerate, has introduced Relaunch, a returnship program for professionals who have taken career breaks between 12 months to 3 years. Starting April 1st, 2022, the firm is inviting applications, irrespective of the reason behind the career break, to support professionals in their journey back into the workforce with a tailored 6-month Relaunch program. The program will also cater to professionals who lost or stepped away from their jobs during the pandemic.

A process that is gaining significant traction in a business landscape that is more inclusive than ever before, returnship programs are a fresh way to bring back experienced professionals who have been away from the workplace into the workforce. With Relaunch, Value 360 Communications will offer such opportunities to professionals across business areas, including PR Client Servicing, Digital Marketing, and Content Development.

With Value 360’s comprehensive plan, returnees will have end-to-end support, including skill-building, hand-holding, networking opportunities, and more. The salient features of the Relaunch program include:

● Initial 6-month fixed term contract to become a full-time employee basis performance

● Tailored L&D plan to support the professional’s smooth transition back into the workforce

● A support network of existing returnees

● A dedicated mentor to help returnees get up-to-speed with the environment and new industry practices

Manisha Chaudhary, Founder-Director, Value 360 Communications, said, “At Value 360, we have always been committed to supporting our team members’ continued development and career progression. We believe that the right talent can steer a company towards immense success, and a career gap should not hold us back from offering opportunities to promising professionals. This is where Relaunch comes into the picture as a returnship program for everyone who had to step back from their professional life for any reason.”

He added, “That said, the PR landscape has evolved considerably, and anyone who has been away for a few years may be overwhelmed upon return. Thus, the Relaunch program will focus on empowering professionals with in-demand skills, so they can hit the ground running.”


Apart from its hands-on approach to reskilling/upskilling professionals after a career break, Value 360 Communications will also offer valuable exposure to multi-disciplinary teams delivering client-critical solutions. Doing so will develop skillsets and set professionals up for success, proving that a career break is not a blot on the CV.

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