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ProEves, India’s leading platform for early education and care released its latest Survey on Childcare and Parental Benefit in India. The key topics covered in the sixth edition of the Survey include Prevalent Childcare Benefits, Return to Office Plans, and Parental Support.

The survey saw participation from 54 organizations across sectors, with 50% of players hailing from IT/ITES, followed by BFSI (20%), Services (9%), FMCG (9%), Healthcare/Pharma (8%), and Manufacturing (4%). Following are the key highlights of the survey:

Integrated Childcare Support Provided by India Inc  

Physical daycare continues to be a priority for 85% of the companies. However, since it was not fully operational during the ongoing COVID-19 phase, with most parents working from home, 65% companies started providing virtual and alternate childcare support to employees.

These include Online Kids Engagement (46%), 1:1 Child Minder (teacher afterschool) – 43% and Nanny Care (13%). IT/ITES led the charts with the highest adoption of virtual care, fully funding at 54%, followed by BFSI (23%)

Unattended children and an increase in the learning gap among children emerged as two top stressors for parents, students due to the temporary closure of schools.  This amplifies the need for greater childcare support like virtual care, 1-1 childcare and nanny care.

Parental Support and Gender Neutral Childcare Benefits

Companies are prioritising family first initiatives and are focusing on providing parental support in the form of online support platforms, apps, toolkits, newsletters. Parental webinars are being conducted by employers to address various issues like parenting dilemmas, screen time management for children, eldercare, decluttering the mind, equal parenting, and raising independent children, among others.

The survey revealed that 54% companies are moving towards gender-neutral childcare benefits and supporting equal parenting practices.

ProEves has successfully hosted over 100 parenting webinars, and engaged over 10,000 kids on virtual engagement sessions. The company strives to simplify childcare options for working employees and help them acclimatize to the new world order, just like pre-COVID times.

Commenting on the same, Divya Agarwal, Co-Founder, ProEves said, “As the economy gradually returns to normal, 72% companies are moving towards a flexi return plan which has led to dominance of virtual care support and near home daycare benefit being provided by employers.  We at ProEves are partnering with 100 leading companies in their childcare journey to support young parents find a balance between office tasks and home chores while also ensuring their children are engaged and taken care of.”

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