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Visionet Systems, Inc., a global technology service provider to the US mortgage, property title, and related industries, has developed a cloud-based mortgage data platform. The new path-breaking technology has already enabled US-based company Aspire Financial Inc, to optimize its marketing expenses and streamline loan operations resulting in improved sales.

Aspire Financial was looking to improve ROI (Return on Investment) within its marketing and sales platform. Reporting processes were performed primarily through Microsoft Excel spreadsheets across multiple siloed applications resulting in significant FTE (Full Time Equivalent) hours and time delays. Aspire was looking to expand its business in areas beyond Texas and needed comprehensive data-driven strategies for new markets. Visionet addressed the complexities of disconnected data environments by enabling a cloud data platform to provide streaming insights across various systems.

Mr. Alok Bansal, Managing Director and CEO of BFSI Business, Visionet Systems, says, “Mortgage data is huge and difficult to analyse as its large volumes are disseminated inconsistently. We have utilized our domain expertise in the mortgage Industry to simplify complex data transformation processes. Our objective was to offer effortless access to trusted big data analytics, improve the ROI and provide useful insights across the board.”

Creating a unified data environment enabled Visionet to develop an analytics dashboard that included comprehensive KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) spanning each loan stage, status and marketing ROI metrics. This way, the company managed to optimize predictive insights, improved forecasts and refined loan conversion models.

“Visionet’s data competency delivers actionable mortgage analytics which in turn allow the multiple lines of business to make predictive decisions in a near real-time environment,” said Kevin Miller, CEO of Aspire Financial Inc.

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