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In a bid to inform and educate the public on COVID-19, Vistaprint has unveiled pandemic-specific templates on its e-commerce platform. The designs of the templates showcase vital health and safety information.

The templates are available across varied products such as banners, posters, plastic signs, to cater to larger audiences at once; as postcards, leaflets and flyers and visiting cards for a more personal approach and to ensure that the information stays on top of the mind. Circle stickers, product labels etc, can also be used by food delivery companies and grocers to keep the customers informed. To supplement its awareness drive, Vistaprint is also launching printed face masks.

The products can be utilised by individuals or companies looking to inform their closed circle and customers or employees about the pandemic. The company also enables the user to customise their message. All designs pertaining to the contagion can be accessed through a specially curated page available on its website.

Speaking on the initiative, Mr. Bharath Sastry, CEO of Vistaprint India said, “Effective and constant communication is critical to our fight against COVID-19. Thus, we are thrilled to offer customisable products for individuals and businesses that may prove significant in spreading awareness across a large audience. These include compelling illustrations and messages that are very easy to customize, to observe preventive measures like social distancing, washing hands thoroughly, etc. We believe that this initiative will help further in people staying safe and coming out of this challenging period unscathed.”

Available at: https://www.vistaprint.in/covid-19-signage

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