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The Indian startup ecosystem has truly come of age and has undergone digital transformation across the globe. From remote working and virtual networking to mobile gaming and from foodtech, edtech and telemedicine to fintech and digital asset classes, from a demure Web 2.0 to a blockchain-driven metaverse — the changes have been unprecedented, a morbid thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Here we have a list of a few Startups which, with their cutting edge technology, have the potential to redefine the future and put forward a steady march towards future tech.

  1. WAFA 

Bringing voice chat and virtual universe at one place, Wafa is a tech-enabled voice-centric social and entertainment platform.  An app which allows people to create their own rooms, be a host, participant or take a seat in the audience with all other passive listeners. WAFA supports multiple communities and provides localized customized user experience (based on their preferred language and interests). Its premium features come with customized virtual gifts and in-app purchases and it collaborates with artists and celebrities/influencers who serve the purpose of entertainment and  attraction for many users.

  1. Branch

AI-enabled customization based Personal finance startup, Branch is among the world’s leading lenders. Through this finance app borrowers can receive loans as quick as two hours after application without having to worry about collaterals, credit scores and forgoes the hassle of long drawn processes in traditional financial institutes, thus mending the much needed service gap left by traditional lenders.

Using machine learning, Branch has created an algorithmic approach to determine credit worthiness via customers’ smartphones thus enabling a fair, secure and convenient path for customers to build capital and save for the future.

  1. Rizzle 

Rizzle is India’s leading innovative short videos platform that has made a remarkable stride in the vertical short videos market. The app has an engaging user interface coupled with 1000+ templates and AI & ML-based cutting-edge features Rimix, Filmi, and Titan.

Rizzle aims to usher short video entertainment into the next era by providing an entire ecosystem of support and resources for creators to build content on a single platform.

  1. PhytHealth 

PhytHealth is India’s first AI-assisted Digital Physiotherapy Platform. We leverage smartphone based computer vision technology to help you recover from the comfort of your home and save on medical expenses.

From prevention & chronic pain to post-surgical recovery, our Digital physiotherapy treatment plans are designed to treat all major musculoskeletal issues and muscular pains.

  1. Chingari

Chingari App is a short video sharing platform owned by Tech4Billion Media Private Limited. Through this app, users can create and upload videos in more than 20 multiple languages including English and Hindi. In this app, users get the option to select a song, lip-sync, dance, voice over to movie scenes, comic dialogues, and create a creative video to a selection of that song. The app also has in-built filters which create visual effects of videos.

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