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India’s largest cryptocurrency exchange platform, WazirX, launched the first-of-its-kind Crypto Calculators a few months ago. Created to instill the ease of making investments, the calculators have witnessed massive traction of around 21.78% in Delhi, 16.31% in Pune, and 10.89% in Noida.

The calculators’ seamless UI is one of the critical factors gaining popularity amongst advanced, intermediate, and new investors. With 100% male users as of now, this three-fold calculator – Crypto & Past Performance Calculator, Crypto ROI Calculator, and Crypto Converter – is a breakthrough in the crypto industry.

Unlike other crypto converters available in the market, these calculators assist users in analyzing the past track record of a cryptocurrency and evaluate the potential future returns. Moreover, the users can use the calculators on the go from anywhere. For partners who wish to embed these calculators on their platforms, all it takes is 5 minutes.

For every investor, return on investment (ROI) is the focal point in the crypto market. With these calculators, the potential buyers can evaluate the past trend of a cryptocurrency and estimate the future growth of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other wealth-generating assets. Users can even compare the ROI results with gold, Nifty stocks, and Fixed Deposits. They help analyze the investment decisions based on several factors, including multiple time frames, frequency of investments, and the inflation rate, to name a few.

Speaking on the development, Nischal Shetty, Founder, WazirX, said, “At WazirX, we aim to simplify buying and exchange of cryptocurrencies for everyone. Our new addition of Crypto Calculators is a step in the same direction, focusing on our motto of DYOR (Do Your Own Research) before investing in crypto. Exploring market trends, past performance of multiple cryptocurrencies, and predicting ROI will instill confidence in the new investors to dip their toes in the crypto investments. When people make informed investments, it’ll further expedite the growth of the crypto industry as well as the investor community.”

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