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Serial Entrepreneur and founder of one of India’s early professional computer training institute, St. Angelo’s professional education, Mr Agnelorajesh Athaide, teams up with veteran educationist, founder of Kangaroo Kids and Billabong High, Ms. Lina Ashar, to launch a series of interactive workshops titled Moonshot Conversations, on Facebook. Aimed at helping mould young minds for realizing their true potential for success and happiness, and making them ready for ‘life’, the 52 week series of workshops are set to reach to over 20 million people, across the globe.

The current pandemic has sparked a human realization that the way we were leading our lives was not effective and not efficient. Two of the critical areas we will witness a change in will be parenting and education. While we are adapting to the new normal, it has become vital to ensure that the next generation of young minds are prepared for not just unforeseen challenges, but also know how to lead a much more holistic and rewarding life.

Moonshot Conversations will explore and nurture a collective mindset that leads to a redefined version of success. These conversations will be centred on parents who would like to know more about parenting for happiness, resilience, health, purpose, and success. While the aim is to empower parents with the information tools and resources to use with their children, the series will also add value to the lives of the parents themselves, helping them re-look at their own adult roles as professionals, teachers and parents. Through the interactive workshops, Moonshot conversations will aim to focus on a new way of parenting that can help the next generation to tap into the infinite potential for success and happiness while preparing them for the real, unpredictable nature of life.

As a serial and social entrepreneur with a strong focus on value creation, Agnelorajesh Athaide was among the first few to launch a professional computer training school, St. Angelo’s Computer Education, back in the early ’90s. From computer education to serial entrepreneurship, Agnelorajesh Athaide has been tirelessly evolving to create innovative, value-oriented businesses that can help develop communities. Speaking about Moonshot conversations, Mr Athaide said, “I am extremely thrilled to launch this 52 week-long interactive workshop with India’s premier educationist and a dear friend, Lina Ashar. Given the current disruptions all around us, it is vital to understand the significance of positive thought processes and how these can create a massive difference when building a rewarding and happy life. With these conversations, we aim to help parents, teachers, students and also corporate C-suite executives, HR professionals and business owners to create and nurture a collective mindset towards growth, success, and happiness. This collective shift, I believe, is the only manner in which we can tide overall challenges and realize our true potential.”

Leveraging over 29 years of working with children and parents, and her in-depth knowledge of neurobiology, behavioural psychology, and energy sciences, educationist Lina Ashar has closely observed the difference in mindsets that lead some people to aspire, grow, persevere and be happy and successful, while the others do not realize their potential at all. Speaking about Moonshot Conversations, Lina says, “The existing conventional structure of education is focused on IQ and assesses students based on their performance at the Board Exams. This has resulted in the creation of an educational framework that revolves around a definitive form of development, leading us to believe that human potential is finite. However, throughout my journey of nearly 3 decades, I have realized that success and happiness have little to do with the IQ and a lot more to do with mindsets and thought patterns that are developed over a period of time.”

She further adds, “Through Moonshot Conversations, we aim to not only identify these mindsets and help parents to inculcate these in their children, but we also hope to help transform thought patterns and habits that are blocking the success and happiness of capable minds.”

The first, foundation session of the workshop series was held on Sunday, 21st June at 05:00 PM IST on Facebook.

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