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With the authorities led by no less than the highest court of the land having directed governments in the NCR to consider an imposition of work-for-home routines for government employees coupled with the decision to close down schools and colleges, the sheer enormity of pollution as a challenge is once again staring us in the face. Now that more and more people would be staying indoors, indoor pollution is increasingly getting due attention among policymakers, industry players and society at large, although not yet at the level that outdoor pollution receives.

However, one industry player which is seeking to change this is Magneto, a leading provider of air purification solutions in the country. Bringing world-class air quality engineering and state-of-the-art air purification technologies as a combined force, the company has been a pioneer of sorts with its advanced products and solutions. Magneto offers a unique basket of air-purification solutions that integrate with any make and capacity of air-conditioning systems, including Split AC, Cassette AC, AHU and FCUs. With the onset of the current pandemic, Magneto has also introduced an entire range of UVGI-powered air sanitization solutions for any kind and size of indoor space to combat corona virus airborne transmission. And it is no surprise that in a matter of few years, the company has already built for itself an enviable client portfolio counting among its customers the who’s who of Indian corporates, business houses and sectors spanning education, hospitality, healthcare and real estate and even government PSUs. Some of the leading names are as follows: The Taj group, Google, Apple, Boeing, BMW, Airbus, The Oberoi Group, Uber, Godrej Properties, Blue Star and British High Commission, New Delhi.

“We have seen a pattern wherein every year, over and over again especially in the winters, there is a public outcry over rising pollution levels with the authorities taking recourse to short-term measures. As such, while the public clamour is all about the problem, not many people talk of real solutions. And that is addressing pollution within our indoor spaces too. Given the inherently more dangerous nature of indoor pollution due to being in confined spaces with limited scope for fair circulation as opposed to outdoors, we must combat indoor pollution with a sense of utmost urgency. We are happy that the dire health consequences have been recognized by several businesses, hotels, corporates and even schools and hospitals in the country besides individuals and families and take pride in the fact that many of them have already deployed Magneto’s indoor air purification solutions at their premises,” said Mr Himanshu Agarwal, the CEO of Magneto CleanTech.

Magneto has been growing at a 30% CAGR YoY since its inception in 2017. Since the onset of COVID-19, Magneto has witnessed a five-times increase in the demand for its UVGI range of air sanitization solutions while the business has grown almost at 150%. Magneto attributed all this growth to the growing awareness about the extremely harmful effects of air pollution on respiratory, cardiac, mental and immune systems, and the high efficiency product quality Magneto offers at cost-effective price points to suit Indian markets. Magneto solutions have acquired global and Indian certificates for its product designs and performance.

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