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Healthcare Sector in India:

India’s healthcare business is predicted to grow to $280 billion, with the private sector accounting for $60 billion by 2025. The landscape of India is fast-changing, due to the country’s ageing population and youthful workforce, which is expected to increase demand across all sub-segments. The government’s commitment to ensure that everyone has access to high-quality healthcare, along with rising urbanisation and the rise of the middle class, has resulted in unprecedented development in this industry.

Women in Healthcare in India:

Women make up over half of the healthcare industry, and the gender gap in promotions is diminishing day by day and getting better as compared to other areas like finance, automotive, and advanced sectors. In addition, women in healthcare jobs reported better job satisfaction and are getting better opportunities than before. In terms of female presence at all stages of the talent pipeline, healthcare continues to exceed other industries. Women make up 66 % of all entry-level healthcare employees, across all industries in the world. However, there is more scope for women outshining in senior positions if given better education and exposure.

Women Excelling:

Well, it is noted that women are leading the healthcare sector with much devotion and this sector has been booming and flourishing with a rapid speed. I would give a piece of advice to young females entering the healthcare sector: “Don’t hold back, Soar ahead & Build your business passionately with your committed team”, shares Ritu Hasija (Director Corporate, Alniche Lifesciences).

Where Women Dominate?

In India, women are responsible for 70-80% of all healthcare services. Female healthcare practitioners may play a critical role in teaching society about the need of recognising one’s health and nutritional needs. For India’s health and nutrition framework to develop, women professionals and empowerment is rising at a rocket speed.

Women Today:

“I am glad that women are coming forward and are progressively asserting themselves in all aspects of the social, economic, political society, healthcare sector and outshining their responsibilities” shares Mehak Arora, Director (Finance & Procurement, Alniche Lifesciences).

Also, the government is helping women to get better healthcare facilities with many schemes like Janani Shishu Suraksha Karyakaram (JSSK), Kasturba Poshan Sahay Yojana (KPSY), Department of Biotechnology programmes for women scientists. These schemes have helped many women to lead a better life with better healthcare helping them boost confidence and motivating them to contribute to the healthcare sector.

“It feels replenishing to the core while seeing one of the top women entrepreneurs excelling in the healthcare sector to make it better for the country like the founder of India’s largest biopharmaceutical firm: Biocon, Joint Managing Director of Apollo Hospitals, and many more. We, women, are born multitaskers by managing both home and office and now it’s our turn to make healthcare better” added Mehak.

Women at Alniche Lifesciences:

At Alniche, the business development team includes many young females that help us keep on exploring new avenues of growth and opportunities to collaborate with global pharma companies. Many major sectors of Alniche are led and managed by female managers that are strengthening the product portfolio. The teamwork at Alniche has never been discriminated against by male or female opportunities. Rather, giving equal opportunity is one of the key strategies that sails the organization ahead of its competitors added Ritu.


About Ritu Hasija:

Ritu Hasija, a core professional, has succeeded in all challenges in order to earn recognition and achievement in life. This dedicated Director Corporate at Alniche Lifesciences has poured her heart and soul into the firm in order to realise her ambition of turning Alniche into a worldwide pharma company. She began handpicking devoted individuals who believed in her vision to create Alniche into what it is today, based on her extensive expertise in the pharmaceutical sector. This 16-year journey was not without its hurdles, but her tenacity turned them into milestones.

About Mehak Arora:

It is crucial to keep a focused eye on the finance functions that are necessary for the seamless flow of business operations of any company and there as Director (Finance & Procurement), Mehek Arora successfully steers the Alniche Lifesciences. An astute businesswoman with a pragmatic mind-set, Mehak always strives to promote realistic optimism of positive thinking. She possesses some marvellous leadership qualities. She is a perfect example of multitasking and managing both home and office with due care.

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