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Mumbai-based Ed-Tech startup Yocket, a community-driven platform that enables a smooth journey for students who aspire to study abroad launches its mass awareness program for 9-12th class students and is looking to collaborate with 100+ schools across Delhi/NCR in the next 3 months. The startup with its team of expert counselors plans to guide students in their endeavor of studying abroad and enlighten them with the options and accessibility they have got while applying for higher education. With this initiative, Yocket aims to benefit approx 20,000 students.

With the increasing trend of foreign education Scams spreading in India, fraud study abroad counseling agents, and lack of proper knowledge among the students and Indian Parents, Yocket will initiate this training program for students through online and offline sessions for partner schools and will bring their best counsel for students to fulfill their sole aim of making their overseas education journey simple and effective with its group of experienced and enthusiastic experts. These sessions would be open to both students and parents together and would cover a range of topics from finances, preparation to future prospects.

Expressing his gratitude towards this campaign, Sumeet Jain, Co-founder, Yocket said, “If a student receives the proper and necessary direction, he or she will undoubtedly succeed. Many students are forced to abandon their dreams of studying abroad due to a lack of guidance and support; either they are held in the wrong hands or believe that only those with a large sum of money in their pockets are eligible to study abroad, or the majority of them are unaware of the options and ease of accessibility that are knocking on their doors.”

When applying for foreign education, one must be clear about their views, objectives, and skill sets, as well as comprehend the dos and don’ts and through this initiative, we endeavor to impart the crucial information that one should take care of while applying, and we would be counseling them so that they will be well-prepared before applying for foreign education. Within 3 months, we will cross 100+ schools. Also, we aim to implement this initiative in other states/regions” he further added.

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