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The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has posed unique challenges to states and territories across the India, as the novel disease, for which there is no effective treatment or vaccines, continues to claim lives and disrupt economies. The year 2021 started as the year of hope. A year of vaccinations and to finally say goodbye to the virus. Things did get better, the entire country was a part of the vaccination drive but sadly, even after the vaccine being introduced, we have seen a rise in covid cases in Delhi itself. The cases have reached to a number never seen before. The rising number of cases have led to an acute shortage of beds in hospitals & and hence patients have to isolate themselves at home. Something as seemingly innocuous as staying home, is perhaps the biggest ammunition the world has against the deadly coronavirus which continues to mutate and infect millions. Nevertheless, home quarantine comes with its own set of challenges. It’s easy to isolate oneself at home; however, home isolation with all safety protocols in place – that’s a different ballgame altogether. The need for extra precaution, sufficient ventilation, distancing from other family members especially young kids and senior citizens – pose umpteen challenges. Not to mention maintaining hygiene and impeccable levels of sanitation.

With home isolation for mild and asymptomatic COVID-19 patients turning into the new normal, healthcare suppliers are developing with uncommon bundles that offer home quarantine units, video discussions with doctors and nurses and even diet plans during the quarantine period. The thought behind the Home Quarantine Kit was roused by the issues that a family would look on the off chance that a part in the family gets the infection. Every one of the individuals from the family would confront openness to the infection with the patient at home. In a nation like India, where the working class-lower working class families live in 1-2 BHK lofts and houses, it is unquestionably a test to shield the other home mates from pollution.

A basic home quarantine kit comes with a complete set of home isolation essentials –an antiviral bed sheet, an antiviral pillow case, an antiviral jumpsuit, an antiviral handkerchief, an antiviral towel, masks and sanitizers. All of this is specially made of 100% good quality cotton for comfort, safety and breathability. These kits aim to be non-toxic and anti-odour, making it absolutely safe for all age groups including children and the elderly. One does not have to keep buying these kits everyday as the set is washable up to 30 washes which make it cost effective as well as eco-friendly. The task of home-based caregivers is quite a challenging one, something that has not been sufficiently addressed. The dilemma of keeping patients safe enough at home, can get quite mentally distressing. While they take care of home isolated family members, they must remember to follow necessary protocols and keep themselves safe too. It is important to keep the mood upbeat, consume healthy meals and practice regular sanitization.

At a time when caregivers are leaving no stone unturned to ensure the best possible care at home, a Home Quarantine Kit promises to provide necessary protection.

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