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Zeiss Medical Technology, a global leader both in ophthalmology and microsurgery, has introduced INTRABEAM 600 device to provide Intraoperative Radiation Therapy (IORT) in India. INTRABEAM 600, Zeiss Meditec’s IORT device offers the least disruptive treatment method available to patients diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer. So far, ZEISS has installed more than 350 INTRABEAM devices across the world and the first one in India is now available at the Fortis Cancer Institute, Bengaluru.

ZEISS Meditec is also investing 10 million Euros annually in CARIn (Center for advance research in India) as it launches the IORT Innovation Lab to boost cancer research in India. The IORT lab will be the center of innovation and experimentation to develop solutions to make IORT technology more affordable and provide better outcomes to patients. CARIn, currently, has 170 software and automation engineers, data scientists, clinical and quality specialists who are working on innovative solutions to advance microsurgery.

Highlighting both developments, Amarjeet Singh Tak, Strategic Business Unit Head (SBU Head), Microsurgery, ZEISS Medical Technology said, “We are very proud to be announcing these two important developments for India today. The INTRABEAM 600 device is a major breakthrough in the treatment of early-stage breast cancer in women. But that’s not all. Zeiss Medical Technology is committed to working for the advancement of microsurgery promoting research and innovation to democratize and ease the treatment of fatal diseases like cancer. Our investment in CARIn and the launch of IORT Lab is a big step towards boosting our research and innovation capabilities here in India.”

The IORT procedure available through INTRABEAM 600 takes less than one session of 45 minutes to complete during the surgery. A single dose of intra-operative radiotherapy given after the removal of the tumor has significantly better outcomes as compared to whole breast radiotherapy. Equally importantly, it comes without the additional risk of affecting vital organs (the heart & lungs) and eliminates the challenges of the patient traveling to the hospital for multiple weeks for radiotherapy sessions. IORT cuts down the chances of regrowth of the tumor as it is delivered immediately after the removal of the tumor when compared with conventional radiotherapy where the patient has to wait a few weeks before starting the radiotherapy treatment. This way 30 days of treatment is delivered in 30 minutes.

Globally, the IORT has shown great results in the treatment of breast cancer and promises to be a game-changing treatment in India as well. Breast cancer today ranks as the number one cancer affecting Indian women with an age-adjusted rate that is as high as 25.8 per 100,000 women and a mortality of 12.7 per 100,000 women. Better health awareness, as well as the availability of breast cancer screening programs and treatment facilities can go a long way towards the creation of a positive preventative ecosystem to help reduce the risk the disease poses across the country.

Zeiss Meditec is collaborating with leading institutions and experts to identify unaddressed problem areas of healthcare to develop innovative solutions that advance medical technology. This includes high-performing medical devices like IORT, microscopes, workflow applications, and AI/ML algorithms.

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