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Zingbus, an intercity travel startup, today announced the expansion of its services to the southern region of India, starting with Karnataka & Telangana.

With the newly acquired territories, zingbus will now connect over 400+ cities, bridging the gap between the South, West & North regions. To start with, Bengaluru and Hyderabad will serve as the major hubs. Starting with 10 cities, the start-up plans to scale up to 35 for this region & connect zingbus’s existing network of Maharashtra, Goa & Chattisgarh. The company plans to launch 30 routes with 200+ buses while also broadening the operator network to 25+ within six months.

Prashant Kumar, CEO & Co-Founder, zingbus said, “We are excited and equally proud to enter the second largest market for intercity travel domain across India. At zingbus, we’re committed to building an ecosystem of affordable, reliable, and safe travel for everyone. And, we’ll continue with our legacy to not just improve but innovate the travel experience of intercity commute while creating  a sustainable mobility infrastructure.”

As part of the strategy, the travel company would enable small and medium-size bus owners & operators to leverage the technology platform & services with maximum transparency & minimum overheads to increase their bottom line. This is a part of the major expansion plan where the company aims to deploy 700+ buses by the end of this year and aims to have 2,000+ buses on the road by the end of next year. And, to deliver a superior travel experience, zingbus is aggressively focused on making it attractive for customers with value-added services and much more.

With a customer base of over 20 Lakh travelers, zingbus will continue to innovate &  provide everyone with a safe and comfortable journey. The legacy would continue for the South India region as well.

“With the aim to provide reliable, affordable & safe travel experience and the mission to streamline intercity bus travel, we’ll manage everything from booking a ticket to ensuring a good service experience, all on one platform,” added Mr Prashant Kumar.

The founders are confident that as this network expands, the customer would have even more exciting options with flexibility that would drive direct sales and they could build a strong differentiator for the operator seeking a wider network and connections. Further, the passengers would most certainly experience in-bus amenities like deep-cleaned buses, live tracking, zero cancellation fees and free Wi-Fi, along with comfortable seats and fully AC buses.

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