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With an aim to provide quality customer experience to its customers, ZingHR, a Global Mobile First HRMS major, launched its new Customer Experience Transformation initiative called ZingMeta 2.0.

ZingHR firmly believes in re-examining processes and re-inventing themselves for the sake of their customers. The HRTech company reached out to its customers and heard their voices, feedbacks and pain points. Taking this input ZingHR went back to the drawing board and revised their implementation methodologies to become lean, agile, more process-driven and scalable to the needs of the customers.

“Through Our ZingMeta 2.0 customer experience we bring to our customers, Outcomation Partners, who will work alongside their business partners to ensure better business outcomes for their organization. The Outcomation partners will be customer’s doorway into ZingHR. They will provide timely and consistent support to our customers”, Said Rajat Luthra, Director, Customer Experience and Outcomation at ZingHR

“It is absolutely imperative for any organization to reinvent themselves. We at ZingHR decided to take a bold move of pivoting and introspecting our strategies. We are now back and we are better than before. We have understood what our customers need and are trying to give them the quality experience they deserve! ZingHR is relentlessly trying to outdo itself by always thinking ahead and thinking out of the box” Said, Michael Good, Global Chief Operating Officer, ZingHR.

The key reason for ZingHR to formulate this customer experience transformation was the significance of the voice of the customer. Also, ZingHR’s customer obsession and need to constantly strive for betterment, made them rehash their methodologies for their customers.

With these rationales in mind, ZingHR has finally rolled out its Transformation initiative, by reaching out to all customers and making the big announcement. ZingHR also thanked the customers who gave inputs and feedbacks in early stages. Using social media channels and digital platforms, ZingHR is now announcing its re-entry to the world, as quality customer experience providers, with a big bang.

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