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Zoomcar, India’s largest personal mobility platform has appointed PASCOS one of India’s largest automotive distributors to distribute Zoomcar’s cloud-based platform offering, Zoomcar Mobility Services (“ZMS”), to commercial vehicles customers and government entities. The partnership will help distribute Zoomcar’s state-of-the-art, proprietary tech stack which focuses on reducing operating costs, enhancing safety, increasing vehicle monetization and improving customer engagement. ZMS comprises of two primary software offerings: IoT as a service combined with subscription as a service.

As part of this agreement, PASCOS will help distribute ZMS, a one-stop-shop mobility offering for OEMs and operators alike to help dramatically reduce operating cost while meaningfully increasing monetization opportunities at both the vehicle and customer levels, thereby building a consumer base for commercial vehicles and improving the overall customer experience.

Zoomcar’s partnership with PASCOS entails the distribution of an innovative platform to address the vast opportunities across India in the first-last mile, and intracity passengers as well as the goods movement space using commercial vehicles. With COVID-19 forcing operations to go entirely digital, customers have become more tech-savvy and are more receptive toward newer technologies. This strategic partnership will help create the necessary competency and technology for building the future of the mobility market in India.

Commenting on the latest development, Greg Moran, CEO & Co-Founder Zoomcar said, ‘’The mobility industry is going through a transformational phase globally due to the pandemic. At Zoomcar, we strive to be at the forefront of creating innovative solutions that can help shape this transformative shift. From the beginning, we set out to build a software solution that helps reduce accidents and improves asset longevity. Through this partnership with PASCOS, we aim to leverage our AI-based platform to enable large fleet operators to better manage their assets through greater vehicle safety and lower total operating cost. We are delighted to partner with PASCOS to reach wider commercial heavy vehicle operators and government entities to help us build the future of the mobility market in India”

Commenting on the partnership Mr Sharuk Passi, CEO & President, PASCOS said, “At PASCOS, over decades, we have built a deep understanding of the needs of consumers across segments for commercial vehicles, including institutional customers. As a natural progression, the adoption of newer technologies has been pertinent to serve our present & future customers and to ensure their core needs are met. A means to this end, we at PASCOS are delighted to be appointed as Distributors of Zoomcar Mobility Services. This partnership will enable us to offer a segment of Institutional customers, fleet operators, or individual owners in logistics & allied industry technology-driven solutions to better manage their businesses”

Zoomcar’s recently announced launch of Zoomcar Mobility Services (ZMS) officially marks a significant extension of Zoomcar’s original Cadabra IoT platform launched in 2017. One of the key pillars of ZMS is the proprietary driver scoring mechanism, an AI-Powered algorithm with machine learning capabilities that tracks the real-time driving behaviour of the customer along with the present health of the vehicle. The hallmark of the scoring system stems from its ability to provide real-time feedback to drivers in the event of rash driving to help them adjust their behaviour accordingly.

This improvement in driver behaviour helps reduce accidents while also lowering maintenance and fuel bills. At an aggregate level, ZMS consistently observes monthly operating cost savings of 25-30% on account of the driver scoring system and associated behavioural modification mechanisms. The driver score tracks the condition of the vehicle, the driving style of the customer, and the real-time critical events impacting the vehicle health. The scoring system possesses capabilities to give real-time feedback to drivers in the advent of rash driving to help them adjust their behaviour accordingly. The platform is agnostic to the vehicle type and the telematics device installed. Moreover, the platform works for both traditional internal combustion vehicles as well as electric vehicles.

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