A Disruptive Leader Giving New Dimensions to Success & Well-being

From starting his own IT consulting firm at the age of 24 to leading teams towards winning awards as an Agile Coach to founding his own AI/ML-driven company, Bernard Boodeea’s (Founder & CEO, Life Intelligence Group) professional journey is...

Leading the Conversational AI Revolution

From beginning a career as an engineer to transitioning into the world of IT-based marketing to achieving $70 million for an online medical services company to leading a conversational AI product-based company, Brian Podolak (CEO & Co-Founder, Vocodia) has...

Making Individuals with Cognitive Conditions Feel Safer

In today’s fast-paced world, key components to help locate individuals exhibiting cognitive conditions that could lead to harm are the awareness of surrounding locations like streets, buildings, landmarks, time, the ability to harness the power of emerging technologies, essential...

Providing Better AI Accessibility to Businesses of Every Size

As the digital transformation wave washes over us, AI is one of the advancing technologies at the very pinnacle of this transformation. The emergence of AI technology enabling services propels next-gen AI-powered search with more relevant and personalized results....

Leveraging AI to Bring About a Paradigm Shift in the Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals Industry

Over the last few years, new technologies have emerged in the healthcare sector, aiming to improve patient care, increase productivity, and reduce costs. Artificial Intelligence (AI) in particular is a key enabling technology for the transition of the healthcare...

A Visionary Leader Disrupting the Market Research Landscape

“Change is the only constant, and you have to constantly be learning new things and innovate for the better,” quotes Mr. Rajiv Lamba, the Founder & CEO of SurveySensum. Rajiv is a technopreneur with over 25 years of industry...

Harnessing the Power of Deep Learning to Advance the Insurance Industry

Influenced by cutting-edge technological advancements and the need to optimize profitability without impacting customer experience, the insurance industry is at the cusp of a dynamic transformation. Several advancing technologies like ML, Big Data, and Deep Learning are poised to...


How AI and Data Science is Helping to Solve Real Life Problems

Emma Payne has worked in international higher education for 16 years in various roles, for the majority student recruitment. Emma’s genuine warmth and passion about study in the UK comes through especially when speaking to students about their futures....

Watch out for these 5 in 2022: Tech Trends Transforming iGaming

Dmitry Belianin is the Chief Marketing Officer at Parimatch International. Experienced marketing strategist and leader in the sports betting industry, Dmitry has over 13 years of experience in both marketing and gaming. He has a proven record in building...


Entrepreneurship: Solving The Problem

Mr. Shaik Waseem is a Senior Entrepreneur Educator at Wadhwani Foundation, who works globally in partnership with governments, foundations, corporations, and educational institutes to inspire, educate, and enable startup entrepreneurs. He is a zestful, energetic and goal driven personality....

How Blockchain Disrupts Real Estate?

Waqas Nakwa is the Chief Executive Officer of Aqar Chain – The first Decentralized Real Estate NFT marketplace. Waqas Nakwa is the brain behind the inception of AqarChain. He has been one of the key players in elevating the...

AI Low-code/No-code Platform Trends to Watch

Sagar Patidar, the Founder and Director of Primathon, comes from a small village in Madhya Pradesh. He graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology in Delhi in 2015. He is the first formally educated and academically qualified engineer from...

What’s the Future of Conversational AI?

Praful comes with 20+ years of cross-functional experience in developing, digitizing, marketing, and investing in AI and NLP-driven products at startups and Fortune 500s. He was previously Founder & CEO at Coseer, a company helping data science teams in...


Web 4.0 and Sustainability Have the Potential to Take the Indian Biotechnology Industry to a Global Level

Raghavendra Goud Vaggu has been the General Manager of Cytiva South Asia since 2019, when it was known as GE Healthcare Life Sciences. In this role, he leads the commercial operation and business development in South Asia which covers...

How New Age AI Has Created A Need For Skilled Workforce

Ramesh Alluri Reddy is an industry veteran having held senior leadership roles with Wipro and Cognizant prior to joining Adecco. He comes with over 21 years of experience in Technology thought leadership, expertise in growing independent Business Units, running...

Making Smarter, Faster Decisions: Breakthrough Insights Powered by AI

Raj Neervannan is the CTO and co-founder of AlphaSense, a ground-breaking AI-based market intelligence search engine used by over 2,000 investment firms and corporations globally. A visionary technologist and entrepreneur of multiple venture-backed firms, Raj has previously led the...


The New-Age Market Leaders

Artificial intelligence is not an alien concept anymore. Since it was first coined at Dartmouth College in 1956 by cognitive scientist Marvin Minsky, AI as a future technology has grown tremendously. Today, we are surrounded by AI. From assistants...

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Life Intelligence Group

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Channel Manager
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Project Lifesaver International

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Managing Director APAC & EMEA
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