Emma Payne, International Recruitment Manager, Global Engagement, University of Hull

Emma Payne has worked in international higher education for 16 years in various roles, for the majority student recruitment. Emma’s genuine warmth and passion about study in the UK comes through especially when speaking to students about their futures. Emma’s empathetic and sincere nature comes from her intercultural communication abilities to support students on a daily basis. Emma is from the UK and lives in the city of Hull, she loves travelling to India and misses the people when in the UK. She currently works as an International Recruitment Manager for South Asia and the Middle East and North Africa in the Global Student Recruitment Office at the University of Hull.


The evolution of technology has made human life relatively simpler than ever. In this age and time, science has a solution for all processes, be it autocorrect in our phones or grammar software on our desktop. All of these wonders have been made possible because of the fundamentals of artificial intelligence. The concept of artificial intelligence may be lesser known to a multitude of people but it is applied in almost every part of our day to day lives. Artificial intelligence is a combination of experiences that are taught to machines through machine learning and programming. Artificial intelligence is supported bythe rich mine of data science and machine learning made readily available to enhance human lives. Data science on the other side is the ability to understand, analyze, process and extract value from a given data. The term was coined in 2008 when corporates gradually realized the importance of data in this ever evolving technological world. It has been projected that by 2025, both theses interdependent fields will impact human life in all aspects.

In the new world order, especially after the pandemic, the demand for data sciences and artificial intelligence professionals has grown exponentially corroborating its wide usage in giving real life solutions. Data science and artificial intelligence are amongst the hottest brewing career options of the 21st century because of its wide ranging applications that touches human life even on a microscopic level. Several colleges and universities are offering undergraduate, postgraduate and advance level engineering courses in data science and artificial intelligence based on the demand these applications have garnered.

The rise in Saas based products

Saas (software as a service) is providing solutions for a wide variety of everyday problems. Beginning from cab booking services like Uber and Ola to food booking through a QR code powered menus, every solution is Saas based supported by artificial intelligence. These software services are also providing some bigger solutions in the domain of HR management and corporate operations. Touching downon the primary sector of agriculture, Saas based solutions are even helping farmers to track down various aspects of farming and how to make it better.

Smart Assistants

The use of artificial intelligence in our daily lives is best explained by our smart assistants. Be it to check the weather, the traffic in the morning on our wayto work or to track our steps of the day, we are highly dependent on our smart phone assistants. Artificial intelligence has made this possible to interact with a digital system and avail assistance at every level.

Artificial intelligence in healthcare

The pandemic on one hand showed us the importance of building a strong health infrastructure, and on the other it also led to the creation of digital health solutions. Several startups in the health sector kick-started in healthcare sub domains that are using artificial intelligence to aid human lives. Some of these are designed for the consumer directly and the other group for healthcare workers, covering a wide range of solutions. Hospitals have also stated making use of AI powered software to register inventories and manage patients.


It has taken two decades for online shopping to come into existence. However, the pandemic era has seen the peak of online shopping. With giants like Amazon making deliveries in one-to-two days to essential deliveries in 10 minutes, artificial intelligence is assisting consumers to make sound shopping choices. These days several shopping sites are helping consumers with personalized stylists and real time application of the product to increase its desirability. These days artificial intelligence has evolved to fit our customized needs. The e-commerce apps analyze the data of your previous shopping experience and based on that suggests you similar or complimentary items that can work well with the item you are purchasing.

Smart homes

It is about time, when home automation and internet of things are flagging off big time smart homes are the next best innovation in the field of artificial intelligence. Smart home access of all appliances becomes available through remote access over the internet. In this ecosystem, all functions depend upon the data which is ultimately analyzed by data scientists and converted into artificial intelligence. Home automation and smart homes are becoming increasingly common this has raised the usage of artificial intelligence in human interaction.

Fighting disinformation

There are several websites and software that can help you in debunking fake news and doctored visual and audio material. Fact checkers make use of these tools to identify real news and stop the spread of disinformation. There are separate tools used for tracking the gravity of news, special tools for understanding photo shopped pictures and doctored videos. The sense of consuming real news has also ignited in consumers and they can spot such differences when it comes to news consumption. These tools are easy to use and anyone can use it to assess the gravity of news.

These aspects are a few of those which are touched by artificial intelligence and data science on an everyday basis. Artificial intelligence and data science see new evolutionary changes every day which are touching human lives in new ways. From voice assistants to smart satellites, artificial intelligence as new technology is being used in a wide range. In India, a 20% jump is noted in the rise of AI professionals indicating towards India’s readiness to amplify the usage of artificial intelligence further.

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