Elevating Life and Business

For most people, a successful career can be measured by the positive impact and energy created around the workplace and people. It is imperative that strong leadership is displayed to enhance team and individual...


Transforming the Highest Dreams into Reality

Alicia Rios Wilks is an award-winning thought leader, scientist of international repute, a licensed RTT therapist and certified Magnetic Mind Coach. A few years back, she was led on the path towards establishing her company, Radical Freedom, after personally...

Enabling Women’s Economic Empowerment

In today’s modern era, the pool of leadership opportunities and career advancements for the female workforce within the financial services domain is relatively shallow. In an industry dominated by men for decades, females have, then and even now, had...

A Seasoned REALTOR®, Helping People Find Their Dream Homes

What do you call an individual who is a go-getter, a team-motivator, a risk-taker, and has a benevolent streak? You guessed the correct answer—a leader! Lauren Parrella, Owner of Realty Executives First Class, ticks all the right boxes of...

Delivering a High Standard of Excellence

In the third decade of the 21st century, we are faced with the technological revolution. What used to be an in-office job or a job that required a single set of skills has become murky waters. Today, with the...

Connecting Passion for Designing Homes with Purpose of Giving Back to the Community

Susan Semmelmann is an award-winning philanthropist, modern-day entrepreneur, innovative designer, doting wife, and mother of three wonderful children. What do you call someone who dons multiple hats and excels in all roles with a bright smile and a deep-rooted...


Emotional Connection – The Most Important Selling Point for Brands in 2022

Gayatri Jhaveri Patel is the Co-Founder of The G Story, a Mumbai-based creative and technology-based, fully service digital agency that provides end-to-end solutions, specialising in product photography, inventory of props, and product styling. Gayatri has pursued Bachelor’s of Marketing...


Empowering Women to Lead with Confidence in Business & Life

Ms. Colleen Callander is an award-winning CEO, Founder of Callander & Co and ‘Mentor Me Women, Author ‘Leader By Design’, Business & Leadership Coach and Keynote Speaker. Colleen encourages women globally to have the confidence to believe in themselves,...


Guide to Doing Business in a Dubai Free Zone

Sagar has an MBA in Strategic Marketing and Project Management, as well as over 15 years of marketing experience. She is responsible for all aspects of Meydan Free Zone’s marketing efforts, including customer research, strategy, e-commerce and customer communications....

What are the Ways to Simplify Legal Barriers for Smooth Business Functioning?

At Treelife, Garima balances the twin responsibilities of and leading the legal and compliance teams. She advises start-ups and investors irrespective of their scale on matters like corporate equity structuring, data protection issues, fundraising and employment issues. She has...

How Personalisation is Creating a New Identity in the Gifting Industry

Sonarika Mahajan is the founder of Humanitive, a luxurious gifting brand which effectively merges gift giving and donations together in a very transparent, impactful and artful way. Ms. Sonarika has pursued her Bachelor’s of Arts on the subject of...


How Women Are Taking Pace Over The Global Market

Delhi-based entrepreneur Sonal Jindal, who successfully executed and organized over 20 lifestyle exhibitions under her event management company MEDUSA, has diversified into global trade with her latest venture MEDUSA EXIM. Through her business venture Sonal Jindal, Founder & Promoter...

Role of Technology in Connecting the Students with the Right Tutor

Minal Anand is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer at GuruQ, a unique and integrated digital tutoring platform that promises to bring high quality standards and new age methodologies to the way education is imparted in India. A graduate...


Businesswomen: The Real Life Superheroes

Climbing the career ladder has always been an arduous task in woman’s life compared to men. Although it is estimated that half of the world’s workforce are women, they face a glass ceiling when they start moving to the...

Alicia Rios Wilks
Radical Freedom Coach and Transformational Therapist

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PickUp USA Fitness

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VP of Marketing
Coastal Wealth

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Senior Director Group Sustainability

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Vice President, Customer and Market Insights

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Founder and CEO

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Realty Executives First Class

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Founder and CEO
Association of Virtual Assistants

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CEO and Founder
Unstoppable Branding Agency

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Susan Semmelmann Interiors