Lauren Parrella, Broker/Owner/Salesperson, Realty Executives First Class

What do you call an individual who is a go-getter, a team-motivator, a risk-taker, and has a benevolent streak? You guessed the correct answer—a leader! Lauren Parrella, Owner of Realty Executives First Class, ticks all the right boxes of a leader and is so much more.

Lauren had a leadership bug since childhood. She excelled at both sports and academia. In high school, Lauren was a softball pitcher and thrived when in control. Her job was to keep her teammates in high spirits, cheer them on, pick them up after a foul play, and genuinely help them stay motivated, positive, and focused. She was often designated to lead group projects and school activities. In return, her peers respected and valued her judgment. Later, Lauren brought her leadership attributes into adulthood and her career.

A Career Calling in Real Estate

After earning her Bachelor’s Degree in the field of Law and Society, Lauren began her career as a dispatcher for the Upper Saddle River Police Department. Simultaneously, she also worked as a part-time real-estate agent and started pursuing her Master’s in Human Services Counseling with a concentration in Life Coaching from Liberty University. For five years, she continued to work at the police department and later tried her hand as a medical sales representative. In 2018, Lauren began working as a full-time REALTOR® with Realty Executives Exceptional in Wayne. “After 5 years of working in this space, I wanted to do something bigger and pass along my knowledge and experience to others,” adds Lauren. As a result, she took a broker’s class and earned her license. This class inspired and motivated her so much that she set out to open her own office.

In March of 2019, Lauren met with a Franchise owner and shared her mission and vision behind opening an office. He asked her to come back with more trained agents. Two years later, amid the pandemic, Lauren opened her doors as the Broker/Owner of Realty Executives First Class. “I used all of my personal savings and opened an office that would change the way agents did business,” adds Lauren. As a brokerage owner, she went from training 9 agents to 21 agents in just 12 months. For a dreamer like her, failure was never an option. Lauren says that if you put your mind to it, amazing things can happen. Having ownership of a leading real estate brokerage company is proof of that.

A First Class Family Affair

“When I opened my office in Montville, NJ, I wanted to have a group of individual agents who unconditionally support each other, help each other out, never fight or cause drama, and are honestly and truly friends,” reveals Lauren. Setting this as the benchmark, each and every individual of the company has nothing but love and respect for each other. If one of them is down, the other picks up the slack.

Lauren’s family is also involved in her dream project. Her mother is her executive assistant, while her sister and father are now licensed agents. Lauren says, “My agents and admin are why Realty Executives First Class is what it is today.” Therefore, Lauren gives entire credit to her family of agents and admin who show absolute loyalty and trust towards her goals and vision. She also applauds her clients who endorse her skills as a REALTOR®.

Client Satisfaction is the Number One Goal

Since the beginning, Lauren’s top priority has been and continues to be her clients. She says, “You cannot look at people as paychecks. If that is what you do, this job is not for you. You have to genuinely want to help others, make them happy, and get them in their dream home. You have to live and breathe it!” And what’s more impressive is clients’ vouching for Lauren’s honesty, loyalty, and responsiveness towards her work. Clients do not hesitate to consult her for buying or selling their properties through social media and referrals.

Brielle Felten highly recommended Lauren and said, “Lauren exceeded any and all expectations we had of her. She answered every question my husband and I had and was involved enough to make sure we were comfortable every step of the way. We sold our home and purchased a new home simultaneously with Lauren, and she made the process so incredibly smooth and seamless!” Another client, J. Rahey, thanked Lauren for making his home-buying process enjoyable and hassle-free.

The Powerhouse Woman Leader

Becoming an owner of a real estate brokerage agency at a young age was not a cakewalk for Lauren. From time to time, she had to deal with male attorneys, inspectors, and lenders but her previous experience in a male-dominated, Police Department came in handy. As a young leader, she learned to depend on herself, not take no for an answer, and prove her worth.

“I think I have built a name for myself while gaining the respect from others not only as a female but as a young female. Today, I surround myself with positive, uplifting ladies and am a huge advocate for lifting other women up,” assets Lauren.

Tackling Hurdles like a Pro

Lauren didn’t find working with clients or training new agents difficult. Instead, her biggest hurdle as a new brokerage owner was running the entire business from the ground up. Lauren explains, “I had no idea what I was doing when it came to bookkeeping, paying bills, doing taxes, issuing 1099, etc.” It was overwhelming, and she had no idea where to start.

But today, the situation has become a lot easier and smoother. She still continues to learn, grow, and upgrade her business knowledge. Another thing Lauren finds challenging is striking a balance between keeping her agents really happy and also making sure her business is profiting. “I am learning where I can give and where I need to reign it back,” she further elaborates.

A Future Filled with Promise

Since its establishment, her office has more than doubled in revenue and sales. A large office inspiring bright ideas and stirring senses became the need of the hour. In March 2022, Lauren signed a lease for a vast office space that she calls her forever home. “Coming from a small room in a basement office space to expanding to one of the best shopping centers in town is something I am really proud of,” excitedly shares Lauren.

Furthermore, as a part of Realty Executives First Class, Lauren aims to target the New York real estate market. She is also looking forward to expansion as many agents are showing interest in becoming a part of her family cum team. For this move, she is already one step ahead and has sketched brand new listing presentations, buyer consultations, cheat sheets, sample forms, new business cards, etc. This year, Lauren will also be launching her one-stop-shop app for agents, covering the entire process of running a business from start to finish.

On a personal front, Lauren will finish writing her book. This book will guide real estate beginners with lessons, insights, exercises, and a chance to communicate with Lauren herself. It will give them a comprehensive understanding of the industry, its challenges, and the steps to take after becoming a licensed REALTOR®.

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