Constructing Success

From getting a Political Science degree and aspiring to be the President of USA, to becoming Executive Vice President and Partner of a renowned construction firm called Friede & Associates, Scott Truehl’s journey is...


An Inspiring Technopreneur Providing Bespoke Fraud Prevention to Global Customers

“We put together a time capsule in high school, writing letters to our future selves. I received that letter in the mail ten years later. I had written down my dream at the time: to own a business in...

On a Mission to Make Education Accessible to Everyone

Entrepreneurs are born and not made. They remain undeterred by challenges and failure. If one door closes, they build a new door that can never shut them out. Firoz Thairinil is one such entrepreneur. The Founder & CEO of...

Guiding the Way to the Future of FinTech

Today, the finance industry is moving towards FinTech. Combining financial services with advanced technology opens doors to innovations that help society overall. Fintech is the future of trade and transaction and is here to stay. With increasing access to...

Pioneering Transformations for Future Business

After graduating from Cambridge University in 1978 with an engineering degree, Mr. Kevin Steer, the CEO of 121 Advisor, started his career in Brunei to train with Schlumberger for 4 months. With a motto to not follow trends but...

A Pioneering Leader Connecting Memory with Purpose in the Healthcare Industry

“When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure,” quoted by someone grieving speaks volumes for itself. Coping with the loss of a loved one can seldom be described in words. But what stays behind are...

A Tech Pioneer, Disrupting the Digital Marketing Landscape

We all love to read success stories of business scions and stalwarts. People who dared to dream, people who defied all odds, people who broke the barriers, people who stood the test of time—we call them heroes of the...

A Tech Entrepreneur at Heart, Tapping AI’s Potential in Education

There are a handful of traits at work and in life that simply cannot be taught. They grow and develop from within. Over time, those become an integral part of who we are. One such trait is the entrepreneurial...

A Global Thought Leader Cultivating a Culture of Civility

Every individual is blessed with a unique set of talents and skills. But, only a handful of those is ready to utilize them for the betterment of society. Known for her philanthropic nature, out-of-the-box thinking, solution-oriented approach, and optimistic...


Taxation Policies and Predictions for the United States

Silvia is currently VP of Certificate Management—and previously was GM and Chief Certificate Officer at Avalara—where she manages product direction of certificate management products. She co-founded Avalara CertCapture and prior to that was co-founder and principal of Tax Technology...


Guiding and Growing a Business “From the Inside Out”

Ballard Pritchett, President & CEO of CorePeelers USA, Inc. He is a co-founder of the Houston Food Bank in Texas, the Navigate Leadership Learning Programme in New Zealand, The Leadership Institute of New Sudan in South Sudan, The Alliance...

The Road Ahead for Pharma Communication

Sylvia has more than 18+ years of experience in international business, operations, PR, event management, sales, and marketing in different sectors. She founded the DAP group of companies in 2011 together with Vikas Sharma (Co-founder & Managing Director) and...

The Five US Business Trends That Will Shape 2022

Dr. Srinivas Mukkamala is Senior Vice President of Security Products for Ivanti. He was the founder and CEO for RiskSense until Ivanti acquired the company in August 2021. He is a recognized authority in the artificial intelligence (AI) and...


Tax Policy Predictions for 2022 — What’s Shaping Policy and the Impact on Businesses

Scott Peterson is the VP of U.S. tax policy and government relations at Avalara. He was the first executive director of the Streamlined Sales Tax Governing Board. For seven years, Scott acted as the chief operating officer of an...

Tips to Make Your Business Successful in the US

Gautam co-founded Josh Software in 2007 with an aim to bring industrial disruptions for their customers. Through Josh, his mission is to develop in-depth sustainable and scalable solutions for companies across sectors. He is an entrepreneur who not only...

Blockchain Trends to Watch in 2022

Amit is the global Chief Information & Services Officer for R3. He leads the global operations  organization that is responsible for information security, infrastructure and IT operations,  customer operations & professional services and support. In addition to his global...


The Global Changemakers

2020 changed many things. In its second quarter, business leaders across the world had a different challenge to face – strategizing and implementing new policies that could help the company sustain amidst the pandemic. Remote working became the new...

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