Michael Collura, President & CEO, In Home Personal Services (Matthews Healthcare Education)

“When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure,” quoted by someone grieving speaks volumes for itself. Coping with the loss of a loved one can seldom be described in words. But what stays behind are the cherished memories. Incidences, limericks, laughter, compassion, and love become our lifelong treasures. We seek solace and peace from them. A young boy of 15 never dreamed about starting a business or becoming an entrepreneur. However, he knew that a demanding and compassionate industry such as healthcare might suit him as a profession. Destiny had other plans for him. A series of unplanned events took him on a path that he is on today. This is the story of Michael Collura.

Michael, President & CEO of In Home Personal Services and Matthews Healthcare Education, lost his younger brother, Matthew, two decades ago. In honor of his memory, Michael built a unique healthcare training program that resembled the qualities of his brother— love and compassion for others. “It was my way to remember and bring peace to the passing of my younger brother while simultaneously creating a brand and mission that at its heart was intended to help others,” shares Michael.

Matthews Making an Impact in the Lives of Others

Established in 2008, Matthews Healthcare Education provides a high-quality and innovative online training program. This program is built from the ground up to provide unique and wholly developed in-house content for caregivers in all 50 states. The program can produce quality caregivers who will directly impact the life and livelihood of those they care for. Such a training program opens a world of job opportunities for Matthews’ students who get a chance to enjoy the profession that they love and are trained for.

One of the hallmarks of the program is its prestigious certification. Matthews is the first and only program for caregiver certification recognized by the Illinois Board of Higher Education. Hence, Matthews is on the front line of rebuilding the local community, the job market, and the healthcare system.

While commenting on this landmark achievement, Michael says, “This is not a celebration of achievement for the business. This is a celebration of what has been achieved in the name of a young man that mattered. I miss my brother every day, and I hope he is proud of what has been created in his name.”

A Closer Look at the Pre & Post-Pandemic Plans

The COVID-19 pandemic hit the world unexpectedly. Leaders and businesses had to fight tooth and nail for their survival. The Healthcare industry was at the center of the pandemic whirlpool. Matthews was built to be different. Before the pandemic, Michael and his team had pivoted their class learning quickly into an online learning platform. Hence, they were prepared for these unpredictable circumstances.

In the post-pandemic days, Matthews is planning for an online learning system with long-term goals of physical schools across the US. Michael reveals that they are also preparing a whole set of new programs for the professional certification of caregivers across the country. He explains, “It will assist us in meeting the local economy’s needs, the healthcare system, the need for senior care, and the professional job growth we all crave that is sustainable, rewarding, and secure.”

Leadership Journey towards Success

Michael’s journey in building his program and company has not been a piece of cake. He, too, faced numerous challenges & pitfalls. There were times when the team behind Matthews stumbled and fell flat on their faces. Periods like these taught them lifelong lessons in the face of adversity. His measure of success is slightly different and noble. He finds happiness when students pass with flying colors and perform well in their careers. Knowing that doing good and producing exceptional training to instill those values and skills in others means everything to him and his team. Hence when asked how he inspires others, Michael asserts, “I can’t say that I ever ‘inspire’ others. I hope if I can inspire even just one person because that too would be a positive way to share the blessings we have.”

The talented leader behind Matthews credits his team and their dedication for its triumphs and achievements. Right from the beginning, he always felt that if he was the smartest person in the room, he might fail at some stage. “So, I have surrounded myself with talented individuals who compliment my own strengths and make up in areas where I fall short. This is the secret to our continued growth and success: the team. My job is simple; remove obstacles from their path and give them whatever they need to grow!” adds Michael.

Word of Advice for the Aspiring Healthcare Leaders

“Do it because you care. Compassion is the most valuable asset in the healthcare system,” concludes Michael.


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