Revolutionizing Lead Generation

Kent Vanho, the founder of Alpha Coast, spent the majority of his 17-year corporate career constructing systems and platforms for enterprises. After parting ways with the corporate world, he honed a proven, repeatable sales process and a leak-proof system....


Committed to Achieving Exceptional Outcomes

Spencer Brown, CEO of SBR Energy, serves as a true inspiration. Starting from modest beginnings in his career, he has gone on to establish and lead successful companies across various industries, making his entrepreneurial journey nothing short of remarkable....

Empowering Organizations to Achieve the Seemingly Impossible Within 3 Months

Keryn Gold, PhD is an award-winning business and consulting leader, advisor, and certified business and executive coach. She empowers organizations to achieve the seemingly impossible and accelerate achievement of their multi-year plans by 3x or more within months, driving...

Helping Clients Achieve their Real Estate Goals

The road to real estate success is a long one, but there is plenty to learn from those who have been there and aced it. Calgary, Alberta-based Appy Bhullar is one of the most influential real estate leaders who...


Agero: Fostering Innovation in Insurance

From a consumer perspective, automotive insurance is about one thing: peace of mind in case something goes wrong. If it does, and you are there with a great claims experience, you have created a long tail of loyalty. Arguably,...

Complete Genomics: Pioneering the Future of Affordable Genomic Sequencing Technology

In the vast landscape of genomics, one company has emerged as a pioneering force, driven by a visionary scientist and his unwavering commitment to scientific innovation. Founded in 2005 in Silicon Valley, Complete Genomics has been at the forefront...

Systel Inc: Offering an Innovative Approach to Technology and Staffing Industry

The IT industry is known for its ever-changing and volatile characteristics. Companies in this field must constantly adapt to new technologies, market trends, and consumer demands to stay relevant and competitive. Amina Jafery, CEO of Georgia-based Systel Inc, which...

Frisbee Global – Cold Chain Logistics: Taking the Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences Logistics Market to the Next Level

Over time, temperature-controlled logistics for the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry underwent massive transformations. Along with the irregularity and stability of the various shipping systems, there is an increasing demand for higher shipping quality, GDP compliance, a desire to...


Preparing Leaders to Transform Their Businesses & Succeed in the Digital Age

Andrea Iorio is one of the most requested keynote speakers about Digital Transformation, Leadership, Customer-centricity and Web3 globally, and he shares his thoughts and ideas at the intersection of business, technology, philosophy, and neuroscience in his more than 200...


The Evolving Role of CIOs: Navigating the Digital Era, Blurring Boundaries, and Driving Innovation

Alvin Chau is a distinguished IT expert, boasting 25 years of experience in spearheading sophisticated technology projects, driving digital transformation, and managing mergers and acquisitions. His extensive knowledge spans diverse industries, including retail, branding, marketing, travel, hospitality, financial services,...

How to Support Your Employee’s Financial Wellbeing

Matt Norbury is the CEO of Each Person, the award-winning employee recognition and reward scheme. Matt has 18 years of hands-on experience creating innovative digital solutions for a wide range of clients across multiple sectors. He wholeheartedly believes in...

How Important Is The Technology Of Money?

Steve Schroeder is the founder and CEO of Twitter Fundraising, Smart Community Technologies, DeCoy (Decentralized Customer Loyalty) and FAAST (Fundraising as a Service Technologies). All companies are focused on expanding the bitcoin ecosystem around the world.  Steve has been...


Leading Personal & Organizational Growth & Inspiring Others to Do the Same

Nancy Zakharia Ohanessian is a global HR and Talent and Organizational Development leader, and a certified coach and assessor. She draws on more than 15 years’ experience in business and HR practices within different industries and sectors. She is...

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