Spencer Brown, CEO, SBR Energy LLC

Spencer Brown, CEO of SBR Energy, serves as a true inspiration. Starting from modest beginnings in his career, he has gone on to establish and lead successful companies across various industries, making his entrepreneurial journey nothing short of remarkable. Spencer is a high-performance leader driven by a commitment to achieving exceptional outcomes. With a sharp business sense and a fervor for solving complex issues, he delves into underutilized technologies, constantly exploring new frontiers.

With over four decades of experience, Spencer has honed his expertise in financial and operations management within corporate structures. He has played an instrumental role in the development and management of over 2,000,000 square feet of industrial space, as well as residential land, apartments, and townhome developments. Moreover, Spencer boasts extensive experience in oil and gas operations management and investment across seven states in the USA.

Recognized as an Advisory Director to a private financial institution holding over $1 billion in assets, Spencer’s insights and guidance are highly valued. In addition, he serves as an angel investor in emerging technologies, including electron beam technology, lithium-ion battery technology, and software. With a diverse range of expertise and interests, Spencer stands as a true innovator and a prominent figure in the energy industry.

Educational Background & Career Trajectory

During his time at the University of Texas, Spencer Brown displayed a remarkable thirst for knowledge. As a curious student, he pursued a BA degree with a diverse range of subjects, recognizing the potential applications of all knowledge in various aspects of life. His studies in philosophy cultivated his strategic thinking abilities, while his passion for mathematics complemented his managerial and corporate finance studies. Additionally, Spencer actively contributed as the Treasurer of his fraternity and dedicated himself to learning Aikido, a modern Japanese martial art, during his college years.

Upon completing his studies, Spencer embarked on his professional journey in sales at a manufacturing company. His unwavering drive and determination led to successive promotions, eventually culminating in his appointment as the CFO of the parent company. From there, Spencer’s career trajectory soared as he assumed the role of CEO in a private conglomerate.

Demonstrating his versatility as an entrepreneur, Spencer successfully established two companies: Brown Holdings Inc. (BHI) and SBR Energy LLC. These ventures stand as a testament to his keen ability to identify and seize new opportunities. Spencer’s innovative and forward-thinking approach to business has allowed him to excel in diverse industries, including the energy sector. His achievements as a CEO serve as a testament to his exceptional talent, visionary mindset, and unwavering work ethic.

SBR Energy LLC was established in 2018 by Spencer Brown and his business partner, David Wehrhahn. Its affiliate company was established about 10 years earlier.  The primary focus of the company was to acquire and develop oil and gas projects in Texas. David, a seasoned petroleum engineer with over 40 years of experience, had worked extensively with major oil companies on secondary and tertiary recovery projects. He also held the position of CEO in an Oil & Gas company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

The Inception Story of SBR Energy LLC

During a period when oil prices were low and capital for projects was scarce, Spencer and David leveraged their combined experience and expertise to evaluate deals for practice. They continued this process for several years, constantly refining their skills. When discussing the mission of SBR Energy, Spencer emphasizes that it involves both acquisition and development, but with a focus on technological value. Furthermore, their management style is characterized by collaboration and adaptability, with a Total Quality Management (TQM) mindset.

Presently, SBR Energy’s objective is to identify and acquire under-producing, low-risk oil and gas reserves. They achieve this by leveraging advanced exploration and production technologies to redevelop these leases into profitable producers. Additionally, the company seeks to capitalize on promising greenfield opportunities in oil and gas plays as they arise. The team at SBR Energy consists of seasoned exploration and production professionals who excel at locating untapped reserves or reserves left in the ground, which can be recovered using EOR ( enhanced oil recovery). Their expertise lies in identifying missed pay zones in existing wells, identifying new drilling opportunities within current formations, and exploring new formations previously unexploited by prior operators.

SBR Energy’s approach is geared towards recovering proven reserves that have remained untapped, thereby maximizing the potential of these resources.

What Sets SBR Energy Apart from Other Market Competitors?

What sets SBR Energy apart from other market competitors, according to CEO Spencer, is the company’s focus on efficiency and an effective strategic roadmap for rapid development. Unlike larger companies that often proceed at a slower pace, tying up extensive acreage blocks that can take decades to develop, SBR Energy prioritizes drilling up the lease blocks, seeking capital, and reinvesting aggressively to achieve excellent rates of return on capital. This approach allows the company to maintain a competitive edge and drive swift progress.

Safety is another key aspect that distinguishes SBR Energy. Recognizing the paramount importance of safety in the oil and gas industry, Spencer previously underwent a safety course conducted by a safety engineer as part of an insurance risk assessment exercise. The company places a strong emphasis on implementing the best safety practices to ensure a secure working environment. Spencer firmly believes that in this line of business, prioritizing safety is crucial, as the cost of doing things correctly is significantly lower than the potential consequences of a safety error. Consequently, at SBR Energy, safety is always the top priority.

By combining their focus on efficiency, strategic development, and a steadfast commitment to safety, SBR Energy sets itself apart from its competitors in the market.

Significant Career Milestones

After successfully building and selling out a condominium project during its construction phase, real estate development became an enjoyable business for Spencer. As an entrepreneur, he always sought new frontiers, and his experience as CFO of a private conglomerate provided valuable insights. During that period, the focus was on securing financing for new projects, investing surplus cash, or refinancing older buildings in need of renovation. Witnessing the transformative power of capital at the right time and with the right opportunity proved to be a significant learning experience and a notable milestone in Spencer’s career.

Spencer draws parallels between developing an oil and gas property and commercial real estate. He believes that both endeavors require input from engineers, but the core principles remain the same: creating budgets, utilizing proven drilling and completion technologies, achieving a return on capital, and delivering results. Adding value is an inherent responsibility for managers in both fields. Constantly seeking better and more efficient ways of doing things is essential to success.

For Spencer, the experience gained from developing commercial real estate and managing finances in a diverse range of projects prepared him for the challenges and opportunities in the oil and gas industry. His approach to oil and gas development aligns with his entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to maximizing value through efficient and effective practices.

The Future of the Oil and Gas Industry

According to Spencer, while the oil and gas industry faces competition from renewable energy sources, it will continue to play a significant role in the global energy mix for the next two decades. However, he notes that the electric vehicle (EV) boom has actually led to an increased demand for natural gas. In light of this, Spencer emphasizes the importance of prioritizing environmental stewardship to ensure a more sustainable future.

Regarding SBR Energy’s plans, Spencer explains that their budgets are designed to account for this evolving landscape by allocating a substantial portion of funds towards reclamation efforts. They also intend to implement nitrogen injection systems to enhance oil recovery per well. By increasing the number of barrels recovered from each well, they aim to reduce the carbon footprint associated with each barrel of oil produced.

Spencer’s approach highlights the company’s commitment to balancing energy production with environmental responsibility. By investing in technologies and strategies that minimize environmental impact, SBR Energy strives to contribute to a more sustainable and efficient energy sector.

Diverse Project Experience

Over the course of its operations, SBR Energy and its affiliated entities have made significant discoveries, totaling over 18,000,000 barrels of oil and 35 billion cubic feet (BCF) of gas. Recently, the SBR Energy team has been actively working on optimizing the oil extraction process, aiming to accelerate the timeline for tertiary recovery investment by several years. Additionally, they have plans to collaborate with an inventor on a gas liquefaction unit module that can be deployed on a small scale in the field, acting as a profit booster.

Furthermore, Spencer and his team maintain a proactive approach by continuously seeking opportunities in the energy industry. They identify potential prospects, develop capital budgets, and diligently arrange financing as necessary. Recognizing the capital-intensive nature of the industry, Spencer emphasizes the importance of deploying capital efficiently and operating the business with optimal efficiency.

By actively pursuing advancements in extraction techniques and exploring innovative solutions such as the gas liquefaction unit module, SBR Energy demonstrates its commitment to driving operational excellence and maximizing returns on investments. This proactive mindset, coupled with efficient capital deployment and operations, positions SBR Energy for continued growth and success in the energy industry.

Immediate Plans

In its most recent development, SBR Energy has successfully completed the acquisition of lease blocks essential for a 20-well drilling project in the Eagle Ford shale region of Texas. The company is currently in the process of securing financing for this project. Looking ahead, SBR Energy has plans to purchase a significant producing asset, pending the necessary financial support.

Recognizing the challenges faced by small and medium-sized companies in accessing capital markets, SBR Energy is confident in receiving the required funds through its global reach investment banker, Del Morgan, headquartered in California. By partnering with a reputable financial institution, SBR Energy aims to overcome the obstacles often encountered by smaller companies and secure the necessary resources for its growth and development plans while balancing that with environmental stewardship.

This strategic approach demonstrates SBR Energy’s determination to pursue expansion opportunities and its ability to navigate the complex landscape of financing in the energy industry. By leveraging the expertise and support of their investment banker, SBR Energy positions itself to capitalize on promising opportunities and achieve its long-term objectives.

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