Building a Better World of Work

Nurasyl Serik is a serial entrepreneur, passionate about building companies and making a difference in the lives of many across the globe. Originally from Kazakhstan, Nurasyl has spent most of his life in the UK. He is one of...


A Visionary Leader at the Helm of SB Bioscience

Gyuho Yeom is a leader who has been shaped by his life experiences. Growing up, he had always been ambitious, with a childhood dream of becoming a scientist and a CEO. To achieve this goal, he worked hard, created...

Delighting Consumers with the World’s Exquisite Retail Experience

Nicola Frampton joined William Hill in 2010 as Director of Corporate Risk then Group Direct Customer Operations before becoming Managing Director of the UK Retail division in June 2014 during which time she led and implemented a number of...


Listen to Your Customers They Will Tell You How to Network!

Dr. Tandra A. Price is an award-winning international keynoter, social communications expert, and global networking strategist. Leveraging over 30 years of entrepreneurship experience. Affectionally known as the “The Networking Ninja,” Tandra has become the leading authority on igniting innovation...


Why You Can Start Getting Excited About Growing Younger

Claudia von Boeselager is a Peak Performance Coach, Serial Entrepreneur, and former Investment Banker, passionate about helping people reach their next level – from life and business optimization to increasing health span for longer. Claudia is the founder of...

2022 – The Year the Metaverse Got a Reality Check

Dr Christina Yan Zhang, CEO of The Metaverse Institute. She is a pioneer in the metaverse. She started her master dissertation on the topic in 2006 using metaverse to develop international strategies for universities worldwide and completed a PhD...


Corporate Change Starts with People

Radina Ralcheva is a top-tier management & communications professional, consultant, lecturer, media analyst, activist, and professional volunteer. She has 24+ years’ experience both in domestic and international environment, 20 years of which on C management level. Her background includes...

We Need to Stop Our Robotic Skepticism

Kenneth is passionate about building teams and organizations where everyone can work at their natural best. With trust and freedom with responsibility. Kenneth started his career in the Danish Armed Forces, where he received the Armed Forces Appreciation for...

How to Lead in the Modern World

Lady Kendal Jaggar – known in the industry as LKJ is an advocate for Mental Health Awareness and Well Being. LKJ strives for excellence as a Freelance Current Affairs News Reporter, Travel Journalist, Travel Writer, Published Author, and World...


Tackling the Modern Challenges

In today’s circumstances, leaders must remain in their beta version forever, which means, a leader must embrace perpetual transformation. In January 2020, when we celebrated a new year full of hopes and plans, we hardly anticipated a home quarantine...

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