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In today’s circumstances, leaders must remain in their beta version forever, which means, a leader must embrace perpetual transformation. In January 2020, when we celebrated a new year full of hopes and plans, we hardly anticipated a home quarantine that would last indefinitely. It was tough; many businesses could not withstand the adversities. However, leaders with extraordinary vision took it as an opportunity and made good fortune.

If we study leaders who became successful during the pandemic, we can learn that they lead thinking about the future, not from their past experiences. There were many challenges, including sticky inflation, supply chain shocks, recessions, and the war. If a leader made decisions considering past experiences, he or she would have been prompted to take a step back and wait for the wind to settle before making the next move. But, not following the norms is what makes leaders like Nurasyl Serik, Co-Founder & CEO of Remofirst, successful in the 21st century. Founded in 2021, Nurasyl’s latest startup, Remofirst, is an all-in-one platform for companies to manage their international HR and hire remote employees.

This issue of CXO Outlook features the incredible story of Nurasyl Serik, a serial entrepreneur passionate about building companies and making a difference in the lives of many across the globe. We have also identified “10 Most Inspiring Business Leaders – 2023” who are not stuck between the certainties of the past and the unknowns of the future. They are the brains behind creating future-friendly companies and eventually making the world a better place.

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