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She has always been looked upon as a juggler – struggling to find a balance between home and work. The prejudice of a male boss makes him think that she cannot invest much professionally because of her inevitable duties at home. We – the people of this society that pretends like a progressive one – might see it as an old issue that no longer exists. Surprise! Many organizations still have very few women in their senior management roles, while some have reported having no women in the organizations at all.

Deloitte Global’s Women in the Boardroom Report revealed that women hold 17.1 percent of the board seats in India. Although it was after an increase of 9.4 percent from the 2014 edition, only 3.6 percent of the board chairs are women, down by 0.9 percent since 2018. However, it witnessed an increase in the number of women taking up CEO roles − 4.7 percent female CEOs against 3.4 percent reported in 2018. It is true that the Indian business landscape still has unpleasant things like casual sexism and unfair promotion practices, causing attrition among women. We can only hope to collectively find a solution soon to end the issue of gender inequities in our office rooms.

In this issue, we take this discussion ahead by identifying the 10 Most Inspiring Business Women in India – 2022 who fought their battles successfully to be the kingpins of the country’s dynamic business environment. On the cover, we feature Jayita Sengupta, Co-Founder and Director of TreisTek. she was a dreamer and a visionary and always knew she was destined for something great. She desired to do more than work a regular 9–5 job. We hope stories like hers will inspire a whole generation of women who aspire to be on the top of their careers.

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