Understanding the Depth of True leadership

Headed by Greg Pritchard, Executive Business Coach, Leadership Trainer & Mentor, Speaker, Author and Social Scientist, LEAD N EDGE consulting is where practical experience meets human insight. As the Managing Director, Greg has led big teams, big projects, and...


Developing Easy-to-use Applications to Make Healthcare More Connected

The healthcare domain has been comparatively slower to employ digitization within its sector despite the increased utilization and consumption of the internet in our daily lives. Yet, citizens across the globe still exchange handwritten medical documents/prescriptions and find it...

Bolstering the Link between Emotional Intelligence and Financial Literacy

Emotional and financial literacy today is of paramount importance. Yet, when we talk of emotions and money, they are viewed as two entirely separate entities. Several studies indicate that someone loses control of their emotions every forty seconds enough...

Taking Customer Experience to the Next Level

Prior to her current role of Senior Managing Director and Head of Group Customer Experience Management at CIMB, Manpreet Singh garnered over a decade of experience managing sales and service business functions in retail, commercial, SME, and corporate banking...

Empowering Today’s Skilled Workers for Productive & Lasting Careers

Mark DeHart is an award-winning educational entrepreneur with over thirteen years of teaching, curriculum design, and development experience. He has worked with colleges across the United States in assisting and developing Diesel Technology programs that are adaptive to the...

Empowering People with Autoimmune Diseases to be Healthier & Lead Quality Lives

Mette Dyhrberg is the Founder & CEO of Mymee, a specialized care and support program for people with rheumatic autoimmune diseases and long COVID. She is a serial entrepreneur who has and continues to constantly challenge the status quo...


How Mentorship Can Help Women with Office Politics

Dr. Madeline Ann Lewis is President/CEO of the Executive Women’s Success Institute, a 22-year Army veteran, creator of the online course “Crack The Career Code: Unlock The Amazing Power Within To Lead With Confidence, Charisma, and Credibility”, host of...


Sparking Engaging Conversations with Industry Leaders to Create Value for the Supply Chain Community

Sarah Barnes-Humphrey is a logistics and supply chain expert, as seen on BBC World News, Inc Magazine, The New Yorker and Huffington Post. Sarah has reached over 50 million supply chain professionals through the Let’s Talk Supply Chain podcast,...


Five Ways to Foster a Cybersecurity Work Culture

Mike Hendrickson is VP, IT Cert & Dev Products at Skillsoft. Prior to Skillsoft, Mike spent 15 years at O’Reilly Media, Inc. where he most recently was the VP of content strategy. Mike is a technology strategist with extensive...

Why Leveraging Data in the Digital Age is Crucial to Business Success

Rob Mobsby is an expert in all things digital, with over 17 years’ experience working in digital transformation and creation from start-ups all the way to multinational organisation level. His experience in multi-channel campaigns and global territory expansion with...

How Women in Real Estate Can Overcome Challenges and Thrive

Meenakshi Jamwal is the Founder of HOM-EASE Mortgage Consultants, which provides financial assistance to all the real estate asset class. She is also the Sales Operations head at Freehold Mediation & Information LLC that focuses on resolving real estate...


How AI is Set to Transform the Workplace

Tony Boobier is a former worldwide technology executive who now provides advisory and mentoring services to new and established organizations. Qualified in engineering, insurance, marketing, and supply chain management, he has a particular interest in European, Asian, and Latin...


Building a Culture of Success

2022 is about to end, and we must admit that it was eventful. After the chaos of a global pandemic, many people returned to the office. For business leaders worldwide, it was a big lesson – that the traditional...

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