Mark DeHart, CEO, D&L Education Solutions

Mark DeHart is an award-winning educational entrepreneur with over thirteen years of teaching, curriculum design, and development experience. He has worked with colleges across the United States in assisting and developing Diesel Technology programs that are adaptive to the ever-changing environment centered around the students.

Career and Technical Education, curriculum development & design, and immersive learning techniques are his areas of expertise. “Creating situations where people can improve their lives is why I do what I do,” says Mark. “This is done by developing a curriculum that is active, engaging, and relevant.”

A Roller Coaster Journey

From a high school dropout to a military veteran to leading a workforce development company, Mark’s journey is nothing short of inspiring. Calling his childhood unique yet challenging, Mark believes that individuals learn from their past to better their future. He lost his mother, a single mom, at 17, and since then, he has been on his own. Later on, bringing a ray of hope in Mark’s life, a kind and generous person took him under her wings and raised him as one of her own. This humble experience gave him a sense of belonging and purpose to change and become a better version of himself.

In 2004, Mark began his career as a technician and received his formal training in the United States Army. He then went on to achieve the rank of Staff Sergeant and became an instructor in the military, where he trained soldiers in the diesel technician field for over 8 years. In 2014, Mark finished his master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix. He is now pursuing his doctorate in Career Technical Education Leadership as he is a staunch advocate of the ‘Forever Learning, Forever Improving’ philosophy.

Mark also enjoys mentoring current and former students of business and leadership classes in building their personal profiles to appeal to future employers as part of his volunteering work. “I help build leadership skills in individuals who want to make an impact,” mentions Mark. He is also a member of the Disabled American Veterans community, where he works to help veteran students coming out of the military to make a good start in life.

Leading from the Front

Currently, Mark spearheads D&L Education Solutions as its Chief Executive Officer. He believes that a company is only as good as the team members. “My team works beside me, not behind me,” asserts the dynamic CEO. Today, D&L Education Solutions has some of the most skilled instructors and developers because the company invests in their future.

When it comes to his persona, Mark is admired for his astute business acumen, leadership style, sheer determination, and drive to succeed. He attributes his knowledge and tenacity to his difficult childhood and military experience, shaping him into the leader he is today.

D&L Education Solutions: Better Skills Lead to Better Work

D&L Education Solutions is a national technical workforce development company passionate about helping companies train and retain exceptional technicians and frontline workers through innovative instructional training programs. “We combine immersive learning techniques, world-class training, and focused expertise to help you engage learners and improve performance through various delivery formats, new technologies, and innovative approaches,” shares Mark.

D&L’s vision is to be a catalyst in engaging organizations to bring innovative educational solutions to individuals and employers to create, sustain, and drive the future of technical skills and workforce development.

What Sets D&L Education Solutions Apart from its Competitors?

The team of D&L is made up of educators who are passionate and dedicated to technical training. Their skills and background expertise allow them to create and deliver world-class curriculum and training to instructors and employees – helping them to better understand concepts, stay engaged, and improve their skills. Moreover, D&L’s custom turnkey programs allow companies to seamlessly integrate critical skills into their existing training programs quickly and cost-effectively – ultimately increasing the bottom line.

With experienced and expert facilitators, industry specialization, leading-edge curriculum, interactive & hands-on learning, custom training facility design, and traditional and digital delivery modalities, D&L Education Solutions sets itself apart from the market competitors.

Onwards & Upwards

“Our company has continued to grow and increase our partnerships over the past three years,” reveals Mark. “We have also witnessed growth in every area of our business, from providing trainers for training events and curriculum development to training department development.”

To date, D&L Education Solutions has worked with over 200 globally-recognized companies, trained over 5,000 technical professionals internationally, and designed and delivered programs in all 50 states across 9 countries.

Existing Challenges in the Education Industry

In today’s fast-changing environment, professionals must be agile learners, able to adapt and learn new things quickly. However, educators’ most significant challenge is the ‘desk and row’ method of delivering knowledge to the students.

When it comes to D&L Education Solutions, Mark and his team’s biggest challenge is getting companies to ‘flip the classroom’ and change their method of delivering the content. “We provide various delivery methods for the company, but it is still a challenge,” mentions Mark. “But I do admit that we are seeing companies become more receptive to this change when we introduce it to them.”

Cutting Down Costs for Clients

D&L Education Solutions works with companies to create customized training plans for their equipment. To achieve this, Mark and his team spend time with their clients at their locations, either developing material on their equipment or coming up with a solution to a problem they are having. This lowers the cost of training for the clients by not having to ship their equipment to D&L’s location for development.

Ongoing Projects

Currently, Mark and his team are developing new training materials, reorganizing existing training materials, teaching courses, and administrating assessments for leading companies such as Snap-On Corporation, Kubota Tractor Company, Subaru University, etc. In addition, the team of D&L Education Solutions is guiding colleges across the country that want to develop a technical education department for automotive and diesel.

“Going ahead, we will continue to walk on our mission to provide valuable technical education and impactful, cost-effective training solutions to support, build, and grow a highly-skilled workforce for today and the future,” reveals Mark.

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