Inspiring Business Leaders to Innovate Solutions for Real Problems

Brian Gladden (CEO of the Strategy and Innovation Institute (SI2)) is a seasoned corporate innovator, Blue Ocean strategist, and business model expert. He has over 30 years of consulting/sales experience with start-ups and Fortune 500 firms such as Verizon,...


A Seasoned Technopreneur, Driving Growth Through Innovation

Chris Carson is a Silicon Valley-based serial entrepreneur, investor, and thought leader with over 20 years of experience raising capital and building high-performance organizations. His areas of interest include artificial intelligence, machine learning, computer vision, robotics, and digital transformation....

Supporting Your Wellness Journey

The dietary supplement market is large and rapidly growing. This +$100 billion industry is projected to grow by more than 8% annually, and has attracted the attention of new entrants from around the world. Not all companies, however, play...

Empowering Enterprises with the Next Generation of SD-WAN Technology

Shyamal Kumar, Co-Founder & CEO of Lavelle Networks, is a software engineer turned entrepreneur with over 18 years of experience in the data networking space. He is passionate about embracing SDN and cloud technologies to bring simplicity and performance...


Making the Best of AI – What Executives Need to Know

Seth Earley is the CEO & Founder at Earley Information Science. He is an expert with 20+ years of experience in Knowledge Strategy, Data and Information Architecture, Search-based Applications, and Information Findability solutions. Seth has worked with a diverse...


Helping Entrepreneurs Build Successful Businesses

Rebel Transformative Leader, Luisa Ferrario helps entrepreneurs to set up thriving businesses and make the money they desire by having in place an impactful mindset, profitable business structure, and empowering leadership to rapidly grow their company and joyfully lead...


Finding Tech Talent by Challenging Traditional Thinking

An educator, engineer, entrepreneur, and community leader, Nick Suwyn started his software development journey at age ten building computer games for neighborhood children. As a child, he developed a love for music and after high school began sharing his...

Is Privacy the Turning Point to Build Trusted Relationship in Digital Age?

Kohei is Co-Founder of Privacy by Design Lab, a leading data privacy culture and society community. As a not-for-profit, the organization was originally established as a privacy oriented corporate structure program and policymaking. We collaborate with multi-stakeholders, public affairs, government,...

Role of Data Science in Vertical Farming

Prejith P Pillai is the Founder and CEO of Xploro Technologies Inc. A software development company he founded in 2007 and now serves globally for various prestigious customers. He is an information technology architect and started his career as...


An Entrepreneur Revolutionises the Hamper & Food Basket Industry

Renée Benatar is the Founder and Creator of Hampers Bazaar. Choosing to start a business in the middle of the Global Pandemic, Covid-19 is not something many people did while being confined to lockdown. This however was not going...


The Collaborative Diplomates

Who is the more successful and influential leader? Bezos, Musk or Zuckerberg? Or are there lesser-known CEOs finding new paths and creating phenomenal results for their businesses? Be it well-known or unknown, being a CEO is a daunting task....

Bernard Boodeea
Founder & CEO
Life Intelligence Group

Brian Gladden

Chris Carson
Founder and CEO
Hayden Ai

Damon Sununtnasuk
Founder and CEO
Natural Cure Labs

James Michael Lafferty
Fine Hygienic Holding

John Norris
Founder and CEO

Maria Francesca Aceti
Chief Executive Officer
Deltha Pharma

Dr. Randall Jones
CEO and Founder
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Robert Bruski
CEO & Co-Founder
Ctrl V VR Franchising

Shyamal Kumar
Co-Founder & CEO
Lavelle Networks